Compromised Facebook Page - Community Announcement  


You may have noticed that our Facebook page has recently been unavailable and that you are no longer getting notifications from it. It may no longer exist in your list of liked pages, and I would like to explain to you why. 

On March 30th I started receiving messages on Discord from members of our community and our wonderful moderators that our Facebook page had been compromised. The page had been renamed from Keep the Peace to “Cửa hàng tiện ích 88” and a number of unauthorized posts were made. This was spotted almost immediately through the vigilance of our community and moderation team, and to everyone who alerted us to this, a massive thank you. 

We quickly informed Facebook and our developer Nick went about investigating the situation. Although contact was quickly established with Facebook and the underlying account was secured, we were unable to immediately regain control of the page and it was left inaccessible to most of our followers. In addition, the individuals that gained access to the page were able to run unauthorized Facebook advertising charged to the developer’s Facebook account. 

This issue was completely isolated to our Facebook account, and in no way affected our website, our Alpha Team membership system, or other social media accounts. We took immediate steps to secure the account and are working with Facebook to regain control over the compromised page. However, as of this time, there has been no apparent progress on Facebook’s end in that regard, despite being told more than two weeks ago that the situation would likely be resolved within 48 hours.

We are now filing complaints with federal law enforcement in Canada and the United States, and if the situation continues unresolved, we will pursue additional action with Facebook directly. As you may imagine, this situation has consumed significant time and resources on the part of the developer and our community management team, which in turn hurts development and the whole of our community. Please feel free to let Facebook know you are upset by these delays – as currently they do not seem to be in any sort of rush to help us out. 

If you can see the page at you can report it by following the steps outlined here:

In the meantime, you can continue to get updates on our Twitter (@playktp), on Reddit ( ), and over on Discord ( ) and our website forums ( ). I will be taking time over the weekend to respond to Discord messages, so If you would like to discuss today’s announcement further feel free to @Community Manager. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and I look forward to posting more of the usual good stuff to our social feeds, including Facebook (as soon as they let us) soon.


Community Manager, Keep the Peace

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Posted: 17/04/2021 9:12 pm.
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