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Hi Everyone!

As we approach the end of 2019 (already?!), I wanted to keep you fully up-to-date on our plans for the rest of this year and the beginning of next. The coming updates to the KTP prototype will be significant, as we close out what we're calling "Phase 1" -- a phase focused on the fundamentals of incident management and tactical gameplay -- and transition to "Phase 2", which will focus on higher-level, strategic gameplay, including the setup of patrols and other missions, officer development, and managing the long-term development of your department.

Due to the scale of these updates (plus the holiday season at the end of the year), we're temporarily departing  from our once-per-month update schedule. Between now and March we'll release 3 updates, instead of 5. After March, we plan to resume monthly updates as we work to finish up "Phase 2". Here's our current plan (as always, things may get adjusted as we work through development) for the next three updates:

November/December 2019
V0.23 - Conflict Management III - December 15, 2019

  • Improved officer tactics. We're developing an intelligent cover system whereby officers, when under threat, will be able to seek out and duck behind nearby obstacles to protect themselves from harm. Suspects may also get into cover to gain a tactical advantage over your officers. Protection could come from dynamic objects (such as your officers' own vehicles) or static ones (such as buildings, concrete barriers, dumpsters, etc.). In addition, officers might now choose to withdraw from a situation back to the (relative) safety of their vehicles, if they are overwhelmed by a superior threat.
  • New equipment. Weapons currently consist only of handguns. In this version we'll be adding melee weapons as well -- such as knives for suspects and batons for officers.
  • Incident outcomes. Based on your officers' actions, incident outcomes will start to affect various measurements of your performance, such as incident response times, crime rates, community satisfaction, and perceived safety. We'll be adding a few of these measurements in V0.23, and more in V0.24.
  • Paramedics. Rather than magically teleporting wounded individuals into an ambulance, paramedics will now exit their vehicle to tend to patients. In a future update, this system will be updated further to prevent paramedics from entering a "hostile" zone, where they could be injured, until police have secured it.
  • Optimizations. We'll be addressing some of the biggest sources of lag in this version, with some additional optimizations coming in v0.25.


January 2020
V0.24 - Phase I Finalization - January 31, 2020

  • Incident management interface. Major updates to the UI will make it easier to select, position, and give orders to units. Among other things, you'll be able to issue orders simply by selecting a unit and right-clicking a target, which should be more intuitive for those who have played other strategy games.
  • New perimeter & search order systems. We previously removed the ability to give officers perimeter and search orders as we needed to rethink the way they were built. We'll be reintroducing these in V0.24.
  • New detection / line-of-sight / fog-of-war system. We're rebuilding the detection systems to make them more performant and more flexible. Among other benefits of the new system, officers, suspects, and civilians will react to gunshots and other distant noises, and you'll sometimes have the ability to distract and sneak up on suspects.
  • Additional incident outcomes. As mentioned above, we'll be adding more ways that the outcome of incidents can impact your city and your department's performance.
  • Bystanders. Though we won't yet have pedestrians walking around the whole city, certain incidents will now spawn bystanders that could be in harm's way and in need of rescue / evacuation.


March 2020
V0.25 - Phase II Kick-Off: Mission Management - March 31, 2020

  • New map, environmental enhancements & optimizations. Optimizations we're making to the graphics rendering system will permit us to (finally!) introduce a new, larger and more interesting map, and enhance the overall look-and-feel of the roads, buildings, and general environment. Though we'll still have a ways to go to make KTP look as great as possible, this should represent a significant step forward.
  • Improved user interface. We'll also be enhancing the general user interface, reorganizing things  to make actions easier and information clearer.
  • New "mission" system. A key focus for Phase II will be the new mission system, which you can use to assign officers to various types of patrols and other tasks while they're not otherwise busy on an incident. This will fully replace the current -- very basic -- patrol management system.
  • New officer attributes & skills system. Another focus of Phase II will be officer development. A completely new skills system will pave the way for officer training, experience, promotions and more.
  • Basic tutorial. Finally -- we'll introduce a basic tutorial to help new users get acquainted to the game (and help returning users take advantage of all the updates in the latest version!)
  • Basic analytics / reports. Intelligently sending your officers on patrols and other missions will require information about your neighbourhood / town / city's greatest needs. Some new reports and info layers will help you make smart decisions.
  • New department management system. Through a new "department management" menu you'll be able to grow your police headquarters, acquire new capabilities for your force, and assign senior officers to leadership positions.


We'll have more to share in the coming weeks, and I'm looking forward to your feedback! Thanks for your continued support of Keep the Peace, and have an awesome weekend!


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good  updates coming up  i play game  and i see there is a lot  to do good work that you doing so fast i wanna to offer maybe add in any of update like

1, fire on cars and buildings and send police to secure the place

2, new police cars and police parking lot 😀 because its strange that they  stay on the road

3. add traffic and  maybe larger map 

i'm happy that i can support you guys 🙂 

Posted: 31/12/2019 9:44 am.
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