September 2019 Ask Me Anything - The Highlights  


Last weekend we hosted our very first AMA with our developer over on our Discord server. It was a great couple of hours with the community engaging in discussion and asking some awesome questions. As promised, we’ve complied the chat into a question and answer list which you can see in full below.

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry – we’re planning on doing something similar in the future and will keep you all informed. Remember if you have a question, our fabulous community assistants and moderators are around to assist. You can ask us on Discord or the forums, and anything we can’t get back to you straight away we will elevate to our management team to get you the right answers.

So sit back, relax and enjoy all of the best questions from our first ever AMA. We will be shortly updating our FAQs on the website to incorporate the best questions from the community.

  • Farm Shark: Any plans on adding other emergency response teams like fire for car accidents or EMS for gunshot wounds or stuff like that?

    Our Response: Good question -- definitely as "NPC" / AI-controlled elements, there will be fire and EMS... In fact EMS will be present in v0.21 coming in a little over a week. Currently no plans for any way for players to control these elements though, but who knows what the future may bring there.


  • DragonsEye: When is the game releasing to everyone?!

    Our Response: No ETA yet on release dates unfortunately. We want to migrate from prototype to "alpha" stage within the next year though.


  • Sabrewolf: Any plans for police dogs/swat?

    Our Response: Definitely will be opportunity for "SWAT" style officers once we expand the Equipment system. Dogs would be awesome, but if/when we get there it'd be a bit farther out


  • Idril_Celebrindar: Will there be events like demonstration and crowd control teams?

    Our Response: Ditto for demonstrations / crowd control -- planned for the future.


  • Swizz: When will new / custom maps be an option?

    Our Response: No ETA yet on new maps, but I don't know about you, I'm definitely getting bored with the current one . We need to make some serious optimizations though, before we can do anything larger or more interesting, and the priority for now has been adding new gameplay mechanics.


  • Wolfattack1233: Will the game be released on steam?

    Our Response: There's a lot that will go into the Steam distribution decision, and it's unfortunately too early to say. I would obviously like to release on Steam since there's a big market there, and things like Steam Workshop and Achievements can be convenient, but we'd have to make that decision closer to release date.


  • Tgs903: Im guessing the EMS and fire department would need an all clear in order to come onto a scene?

    Our Response: EMS and FD would need a "scene secure" order before being able to enter a scene with police presence. I don't quite know if that would be issued by the player or the AI officers, we'll need to play with that a bit. Right now (in v0.21 coming very soon) EMS will just show up, grab injured people no matter what, and then take off, with no concern for their own safety. But establishing scene security is an important law enforcement role (whether during a violent encounter, or at a traffic accident) when coordinating with other agencies, so I think we need to build some mechanics out there.



  • Tgs903: Will there be Mutual Aid like from another department also will there be Multiplayer where people can coordinate with different departments on a larger map

    Our Response: I agree there are great opportunities for multiplayer and things like mutual aid. Planning to have at least some sort of mutual aid system in Single Player. As for MP, if we can tackle that, it would have to be after we nail down the single player experience... and that's still probably a ways away


  • Farm Shark: Will there be a police academy in which you can train cops to increase their performance in one thing or another?

    Our Response: Re: training, definitely! Hoping to turn our attention to building out the "officer development" system first thing in 2020 (omg, it's almost 2020?!?!), so stay tuned for more on that.


  • Hulubulo: So my question is why do the alpha version we have now, and the trailers and teasers for the games (the ones with the mayor doing the voice over and all) look so different, it looks like in game footage, with bank robbery’s and all that. Why do the trailers and the game look so different for now?


    Our Reponse: Simply put the trailers were made with placeholder art as concept art. While various other vehicles, equipment and gameplay features may be visible in the screenshots, development images, and the trailer, this material is provided solely as a representation of content planned for final release, rather than any content actually available for functional play.



  • Ivanmodz: When will the next time a new car like a crown Vic Tahoe or even a bearcat vibe available to use

    Our Response: New vehicles coming soon! A couple have been modelled already and are awaiting some work for inclusion in the game. I'd say at least 2-3 new vehicles before the end of this year.


  • DivineLiberty: what’s your opinion on people already getting started on modding the game?

    Our Response: Modding is awesome! And it's awesome folks are at it already!


  • Deadnoise: How many officers perks / personalities will there be in the game? And how would they work? Like some officers have starting perks but new ones may appear or disappear during the game though events or just by playing the game a certain way?

    Our Response: Re: officer perks -- to be honest, we're going to have to play around with this a bit, and get your feedback, to see what works best. The first versions of this will come alongside officer development in early 2020, so we can start looking into it in more detail soon.


  • ZacharyZed: Will we get different kinds of sirens in the future?

    Our Response: At the least, I'd like to make it possible for folks to add their own sirens (since, Modding is Awesome(TM)), but yes, to be honest the one there is really just a placeholder, we need many more sound effects and updates to the existing ones


  • Supernone: When are we going to get back the officer uniforms? I liked having officers with different uniforms XD

    Our Response: Hey sorry I missed the uniform question but yes! Actually, thanks for the reminder. Can probably restore some simple uniform functionality within the next..two updates. Not this version, but I'll try for next!


  • YourturnGaming: Do you have another job instead of working on the game?

    Our Response: KTP is a full-time project for @deliberative.


  • Markey: [A question here asked by markey is missing from the transcript but concerns officer equipment]

    Our Response: Officer equipment updates coming soon (new loadouts), specifically within the next two versions, so keep an eye out for that! Agreed about wanting to be able to do different styles of loadouts from around the world (and love for all our Commonwealth family from the UK!)


  • Joseph: Is there an estimated time as to when there will be a more advanced 'options' where we will be able to make the game run easier? My computer still struggles to play the game.

    Our Response: Good question, regarding lag and performance and such. If you haven't already, and you're able, post a message to the forums with your system specs. I'm hoping to make some meaningful optimizations within the next couple of versions that should help out, but the more info we have about the types of computers (since unfortunately I can't set up a testing lab with dozens of different types of machines currently ) the more successful we'll be


  • BradM73: Will players be able to make their own maps or will there be a map editor to do so at a later date?

    Our Response: I can't commit to a map editor right now -- it'd be a very large undertaking to develop. But I would certainly love to be able to do it. After all, the more maps y'all create, the fewer I have to do, right???



  • MiniCrabThe4th: Will there be an airport? or some police helicopters?

    Our Response: I think air support would be an excellent addition to the game, so it's definitely on our wishlist. Not sure when, or whether it'd be in the core game, or perhaps an expansion....a little early to say. But definitely, definitely, on our wishlist.


  • Deadnoise: Will there be news agencies in the game? Like during a major event, the player may see an army of news vans pull up and camera crews and journalists. Also, could the news media report on thing happening in game like events or players action and will they have an effect on the players reputation public wise?

    Our Response: Yes (re news agencies). As we build out the community and government relations aspects (next year), the media will play a core part in that. Hadn't thought about an actual physical presence for the media (e.g. news vans) so that's a great suggestion, thanks! But definitely planning to have news articles that will pop up in response to circumstances in the city, your actions, etc. I think we can have fun with that and it'll be a great way to give the player feedback.


  • ZacharyZed: Later on after car paths and physics have been finalised, will there be car damage for a bit of challenge during pursuits or shootouts?

    Our Response: Car damage -> definitely. And we may have a very, very, very primitive version of this when we build out the pursuit functionality in a couple versions.


  • BasicLethargy: how many ranks will Officers have in game? and will there be actual functions for Officers who hold Supervisory Ranks?

    Our Response: ..good question. TBD regarding numbers. I definitely want players to be able to customize what the ranks are named. That too we'll build out early 2020 with the officer development system.


  • Kai: Would it be possible to allow players to play ranks less than the most senior, for instance so you could focus more on policing a given district and having to answer to a senior police officer rather than a politician? (Kinda like playing as a County or Duchy in Crusader Kings 2)

    Our Response: That's interesting...I think as we build out new maps, could do something like that. Would have to think about that a bit...


  • Deadnoise: Will suspects / officers be able to shoot while driving cars? Like a crazy car chase?

    Our Response: Shooting from a vehicle I think should be an important consideration. Officers in different parts of the world sometimes consider different pursuit tactics (especially "rolling roadblocks") to be on the table or not often based on the likelihood the suspect may be armed. So I think we should include that.


  • Deadnoise: And how deep the criminal AI going to be?

    Our Response: Re: AI, that's a tough question. It's always a balancing act with games like this... complex AI makes for a richer experience, but also makes development exponentially more difficult and the likelihood of bugs (or at least unpleasantly unpredictable behaviour) much more likely... so it's a balancing act. Definitely more advanced than the AI we have currently (which is awful!), and hoping to have a few basic enhancements this version and next.


  • BasicLethargy: It would be cool, if you can assign Officers to like Teams... so I might have 1 Captain as 2IC, 1 Lieutenant assigned to Patrol, with x Sergeants and you can assign individual officers to each Sergeant... same for CID or something

    Our Response: Agreed regarding teams, in at least a couple respects... One, with senior officers, I'd love for us to develop a system where you can assign them to supervise departments, and then get various bonuses based on that (kind of how you have "leaders" in some other strategy games)... Second, I think there should be value in deciding how (or whether) you pair up officers to go out on patrol. For example having an experienced officer paired with a new recruit will help with the latter's development (assuming the former isn't incompetent)


  • Deadnoise: Well, how will they behave in game and how will they stand out from like a small time crook to a mafia member?

    Our Response: I think we can do some very interesting things with organized crime, and I have some ideas, but it's too early to share. Always open to more input / suggestions regarding that though. But I definitely, definitely, would love to build something out with organized crime. Once we get started on the Investigations system, it'll be hard not to tackle that.


  • Zomb1e: Will officers have to be trained by FTO or just trained in general?

    Our Response: Hoping to include a couple options for training -- on the job, and off -- but we'll need to play around with that a bit in the new year. Here also, definitely open to suggestions.


  • Kai: Though in fairness, to bring a legit question about from @( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)™ ℌ 𝔈 ℜ 𝔈 𝔖 𝔜, would the custodial and legal environment be variable through the settings.

    Our Response: Good question. Don't have a good answer yet. I want to have some variable options re: the legal environment, but will need to balance the complexity that will add, and until we get some more of the core gameplay mechanics built, I'm having a tough time evaluating that


  • KingWzrdd: I'd be interested to see elections as far as a mayor goes

    Our Response: Yeah, I think we can do interesting things there. The idea would be that there'd be elections so that could change. Assuming a democratically-elected mayor (maybe this could be controllable in the options?), the favourite candidate would reflect the issues / concerns of the people. If you're doing a bad job (or at least if there's a perception you're doing a bad job), you might end up with a hostile government (along with a hostile community).


  • Deadnoise: And will there be corruption ? Like for the mayor / Officers or even the player?

    Our Response: I think we can do some interesting things with corruption but it's too early to say. I don't want to overly-dramatize that aspect (like some games/movies/shows do), but it's not entirely unrealistic, and I think has some place in the game.


  • Markey: How about the ability to host community engagement events? They'd cost you and take away man power for a while, but in return boost the communities trust in you and even lower crime rate for a while.

    Our Response: Community engagement: yes! Have a few ideas for this. The first will involve the patrol system as we build that out a bit more (also in early 2020? Hmm...) we'll be giving the opportunity to prioritize certain things, and one will be building relationships with the community. But also planning the ability for discrete events/activities you can hold involving the community (ideas include helping to set up neighbourhood watch programs....visiting schools....partnerships with community organizations....etc. Open to ideas!)


  • BasicLethargy: will there be a cap on how many officers you can have?

    Our Response: No plans for an officer cap. Regarding officer caps...... let me say this....Even if we don't have a built in cap... Officers generally cost money.... and your money isn't infinite


  • ReV0LT: Will officers have stamina levels?

    Our Response: Have played around with a few stamina related things. Currently officers actually do have stamina and it affects their running speed (they start out fast, then slow down a bit, and how/when that happens depends on their Fitness skill) but we may need to play with this more.


  • Iceman: I think it would be pretty cool to see the dialogue the officer and civilian have in their conversation but i also think depending on the officers skill level will determine the type of answers he gives. So the lower the level of the officer the more of a dick he is and the less cooperation you get from the civilian

    CptAlloy: I think it'd be better to have traits that determine the answer, not rank / level of experience.

    Iceman: that’s very true it should be a trait

    Our Response: @Iceman Agreed! @CptAlloy Would like to be able to play around with multi-agency things, but it's too early to say how this might work. Gotta get the one agency thing working first definitely open to suggestions.


  • BasicLethargy: can we add a feature where officers randomly call in sick or quit, or retire?

    Our Response: Definitely planning to have retirement. Injuries will also create leave of absence situations. Would like to implement mental health circumstances too in addition to just physical ones. Shorter term things like sick days, maybe not. Trying to keep it a bit higher level.

    Regarding officers going off duty, taking breaks, etc. Definitely a good question. Currently not planning to have any sort of shift system. There's been some discussion/debate of that previously here on Discord. We could chat about it further, but it warrants a more complex discussion than I'm able in the moment right now.


  • Deadnoise: Will the player be able to play on maps that almost look like real life locations or will they all be fake?

    Our Response: Real life maps: probably not built in. We'd probably design the built-in maps as fictional areas. If we are in the future able to add a map editor, however, maybe folks could try recreating places they'd like to play.


  • Deadnoise: Will there be foot / Horse / Helicopter / ATV Partols?

    Our Response: Foot/horse/helicopter/ATV patrols are on our wishlist. Would like to do it. But no promises/ETA/core version vs. expansions etc. decisions yet


  • ReV0LT: Looking at TiTP [This is the police] series, have it inspired any ideas for KTP's current or future mechanics?

    Our Response: Ah, TiTP, good question! It's definitely been awesome to see more games like it in related genres pop up over the last couple of years. I think TiTP took a very different approach than us given it's focus on a telling a dramatic narrative, but I've definitely been trying to listen to things people have said -- positive and negative -- about the game, and consider whether that feedback could be applicable to ours as well.


  • CptAlloy: Would there be, in the political area, a police officer union? In the U.S. for example, the F.O.P. fights for a lot of officer's rights and even help with officers who are fired or don't get enough benefits. Would there be systems like this when you fire an officer or if you're an unsupportive leader?

    Our Response: Unions, great question. I don't know, to be honest. I think it'd be a valuable addition, but again a complexity-balancing one. Would have to experiment with it later


  • Tonny: This is just a Quick question will we get SWAT vans? How long have you been coding?

    Our Response: More vehicles coming soon SWAT-type trucks, not immediately, but definitely planned. (and re: me coding.... hmmm... if we keep the definition very wide, about 20 years, but rarely until now would I have said it was my "profession". Someone asked earlier (I remember, but failed to actually answer the question) about expanding the development team, and whether/when we were doing that...and the answer is we definitely need to expand the team, sooner rather than later, because there is indeed only so much I can do )


  • Deadnoise: Will the player have seconds in commands like LTs or Chief assistant ?

    Our Response: Re: seconds-in-command, I think that can potentially tie in with the "leaders" thing from above -- assigning senior officers to specialized functions and such.


  • Markey: Not a question, but just wanted to say well done to you and the whole staff team. You seem to be doing a great job so far, especially be listening to the community so much

    Our Response: Thanks!! Trying our best! At least on my own part (our community management team is awesome!) I really want to try to be present more often to hear y'all's feedback -- this event today is the beginning of that. You guys give me energy and strength!


  • Deadnoise: Okay, heres a big question. Will there be HUGE events that will flip the gameplay on its head? Like a natural disaster or a terrorist attack? Imagine this, just another day on the force when all of a sudden you get a important call from city hall saying that an earthquake is about to strike the city and the mayor orders you to start evacuating the populace. The atmosphere would change drastically to put the player on edge like dramatic music. New gameplay elements could also pop up like a panic meter that show how scared the population is.

    Our Response: Re: Events, I think that's a good idea too. Obviously, they'd take a lot of development work... We'd need to have a good foundation before we can consider adding such things on. But it's on the wishlist, would love to be able to do it! Rather than a panic meter, I think we could use the Media mechanic to share feedback with the player in that regard.


  • IamJames: Will there be motorcycle cops and criminals? and will we be able to have multiple custom training courses so for instance have one training course for standard officers and then another for more traffic focused officers, Firearms ect.?

    Our Response: Would like to implement motorcycles. No ETA or core-vs-expansion decisions yet, but that's also on our wishlist. Training -- tough to say. To be honest, there are still a lot of design decisions to be made regarding the training system, and I anticipate we'll need to experiment with a few ideas when we introduce it early next year... :/ But that's definitely a good consideration.


  • Markey: Another idea. Protests or pressure from the Mayor may affect how you act/use policies. For example, there might be protests over officers carrying automatic rifles. As a result, you could choose to keep them and as a result you have less community trust and a chance of more civil unrest but more officer safety. Or you could remove them and have more community trust, but less officer safety.

    Our Response: Love that, and having to potentially make trade-offs, or balance competing interests.


  • Deadnoise: And the last question that I can think of. Will there be search and rescue scenarios? Also missing persons reports

    Our Response: Deadnoise There's a very basic missing persons incident in the current prototype. But planning to do more complex ones in the future. I think we can potentially do a lot with SAR, though this too I'm not sure if it's core-vs-expansion. Could tie in with marine and off-road operations too. I like any opportunity to highlight police work that the public may not typically consider to be police work (because it doesn't get dramatized on TV) but that, depending on the jurisdiction, police are often involved in. Search and Rescue is a good example.


  • Deadnoise: Oh, something else. Will there be plain clothes / Undercover officers?

    Our Repsonse: Plainclothes / undercover -- good question. I think it's unavoidable -- they play sometimes dramatic roles in certain departments. But here too it's just a bit early to say how it might work :/ I have some ideas for undercover operations that we can start to play with once we build out the Investigations system. Plainclothes patrols may get a bit more complex.


  • First: will the game get optimized? later on..

    Our Response: Yes, optimization will happen throughout development


  • Zomb1e: Is there a way that we could model are own vehicles to put in game?

    Our Response: Definitely want to add the ability to import your own vehicle models. It's a bit more challenging than importing textures, that's why we haven't done it yet, but it's definitely doable and on our roadmap.


  • 602: What games do you play whilst you're not developing or are you developing 24/7?

    Our Response: Oooh, good question. When I was young (or, younger) I sunk a lot of time into management games and strategy games... SimCity, Civilization, Transport Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon (okay, anything with Tycoon in the title), Galactic Civilizations, etc... But my interests have always been pretty diverse... you could just as well find me playing Assassin's Creed, or Don't Starve, or Need for Speed, or Final Fantasy, or Kerbal Space Program. L.A. Noire was a great game. I should make a list someday.... Nowadays I try to play "a little of a lot" -- maybe just because I don't have the same amount of time to commit to a single game, or maybe because I want to get "inspired" from a wide set of games. The last game I played was Police Stories, which I backed on Kickstarter and it came out on Steam a couple days ago. Actually some of y'all might be interested in it!


  • Océan: Will the game be translated into French when it is released or later?

    Our Response: Re: Translations / Localization, once we transition from "prototype" to "alpha", we're planning to add a language management system that will allow us to support multiple languages. I'd like to implement some way for community members to contribute translations, so you don't necessarily have to wait for us, but often the most difficult part isn't the translations per se -- it's setting up the UI and the code to support different grammars. Variables get placed in different locations, plurals are handled differently, adjectives go before nouns, after nouns...sometimes before, sometimes after (looking at you, French!), and the system needs to be able to figure all that out. So there's some work to be done, but one thing I love is how international our community is, and I want to make your experience as awesome as possible. Merci beaucoup pour la question!


  • Dhugz: Will the emergency lights on vehicles be as brights as ones on emergency 4 for example?

    Our Response: the emergency lighting on vehicles is variable. Re: emergency lights, yeah, we definitely need to make some tweaks to how they appear. And even the models themselves (for the lights/lightbars) are really just placeholders I whipped together. No ETA on when we'll be able to do that though -- it may just be when we start to "polish" things a little later. Though yes, Kai makes a good point that you do have some customization options currently.


  • markey
    One idea for community engagement then would a cadet/explorer scheme.

    Our Response: That Cadet/Explorer is an interesting one -- hadn't thought about that specifically, so thanks for sharing the suggestion!


  • KingWzrdd: For police staff - will there be consideration to hiring and managing them as a means of supporting your force, getting upgrades etc?

    Our Response: Yeah, I think senior staff could perhaps provide various bonuses to front-line officers, or perhaps give you special abilities (perhaps the ability to automate certain aspects of dispatch/patrol? hmm..), or give you access to policy options, or special programs (like some of those community management initiatives discussed above), or they could support training/officer development....definitely some good options (and always open to more suggestions!)


  • Ion: Will there be a system for out of state warrants or warrants in general? Like getting a swat call for a bench warrant ect?

    Our Response: Re: warrants, yes! Planning to have this both as a discrete type of incident that could happen on its own (as in the case of an out-of-jurisdiction warrant), and as something (like Soren mentions) that could be a result of your own investigations.


  • Commisar Yesmen: I have a question will you have events like police brutality. Like censor the incidence or be truthful.

    Our Response: Yes, I think we can do some interesting things with officer misconduct though I don't have any details to share yet regarding our plans. This is another area where we're definitely open to suggestions/feedback, and I think yours which could involve how to handle internal investigations and communication with victims/communities/media, is a good one.


  • Markey: I'll throw in one last question then. As I know you would like us British people to have our ability to play as well, will you add more 'country neutral' vehicles or British themed cars as a whole?

    Our Response: Indeed. I think there can be two approaches here... One, we'll try to add as many vehicles as we reasonably can, representing a diversity of what's used around the world. Two, if we can implement modding support so folks can bring in their own vehicles, then that can help address international vehicles as well.


  • Trooper: If this game becomes popular will it come out for PlayStation or Xbox by any chance

    Our Response: Good question. A number of folks have expressed interest in console (and even mobile!) versions, so that's definitely on our radar, and the more requests we have from folks like yourself, certainly the more we'll consider it. But it'd definitely have to be farther down the line and, as you note, assuming the base PC version is successful.


  • Tempestus: Hiya, I was wondering if you plan to expand the forces as DLC maybe, if the game is successful, possibly an EMT or FD DLC, or even National Guard for larger scale actions, as DLC's?

    Our Response: Also a good question. It's possible... It's not planned at the moment -- for now all we can think about is law enforcement. But it's certainly on the table. On a personal note, I do think we could have fun with that -- and if we're able to go down the multiplayer road (in the far future) then there'd of course be some great multiplayer opportunities from inter-agency gameplay


  • CARDIB_TM: If I may ask, what programming language is used for the game?

    Our Response: The current prototype is built in the Unity engine, which is to say the engine is primarily C++ while most of the game logic is C#.


  • PursuingDeath: How much longer do you expect this alpha phase to last

    Our Response: Tough to say. Transitioning from the current prototype phase, to an actual alpha phase (which we're not in yet) will depend on additional fundraising and putting our full development team together. I don't have any updates at this moment to share in that regard I'm afraid.



For anyone who may have missed this opportunity to talk with @deliberative, we will be hosting similar events in the future, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and monthly email updates (which you can register for on / Alpha team updates which you will receive as part of Alpha Team membership - to find out more about Alpha Team and the benefits of membership visit -


A massive thank you to everyone who joined us, and of course to Deliberative, Kai, Soren, Okiemarine, Flixter101 and KingWzrdd for answering so many questions!


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