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Hi Everyone!

With less than a month until we release the very first playable prototype of Keep the Peace, I wanted to share some information about what to expect (and what not to!) from this very, very early version of the game. While our goal is to make something fun and playable as early as possible (because that'll help us get higher quality feedback, and help us all scratch that itch for a game like KTP), it's important to recognize that early versions will be extremely feature-limited. They will be buggy (and might not run at all on some systems). They won't be very fun (or at least won't be fun for the endless hours of gameplay we hope to eventually achieve).

Of course, with your help -- your ideas, feedback, and ongoing support, all that will (eventually) change. After this first version, the plan is to release updates approximately once-per-month, with new features, improvements, bug fixes, etc. A little later this month Early February I'll be sharing our current roadmap for the rest of 2019, though that will likely get adjusted too based on your feedback.

So without further ado, here's what to expect from v0.13p, the first playable prototype coming January 30th:

  1. Basic Officer Management: You'll be able to browse through a list of quasi-random officer candidates and hire the ones you like. When hiring an officer, you can rename them, and choose from some very basic uniform colors. The officer models are still placeholder art, and will be revised soon. You can't currently change their equipment. You also won't (yet) be able to fire officers you've already hired.
  2. Basic Unit Management: You'll be able to create units, purchase vehicles for them, and assign up to four officers to each unit. Units can be given any callsign you choose (up to five characters long), and depending on your paint choices (see vehicle customization below) that callsign can appear on the roof and side of the unit's vehicle.
  3. Basic Vehicle Customization: You'll be able to paint your vehicles by either choosing a pre-existing texture (custom modded textures aren't supported yet, but that's planned) or by using a built-in custom paint tool. We've made a number of updates to the custom painting system since our last video about it, and now you have a lot more flexibility. We'll share some info with Alpha Team members in the Dev Update forum soon. (See the video on YouTube:

    ) You'll be able to choose from a very limited number of simple lightbars and other vehicle equipment, and we'll gradually add more as time progresses and we build in gameplay functionality that can actually make use of that equipment.

  4. New Vehicles: A couple of new original vehicle models (For v0.13, one sedan; for v0.14, we'll be adding an SUV).
  5. Prototype Map: This is the very small (1km x 1km) map you've seen in most of our recent videos, which has just a handful of simple buildings/houses. We have plans for bigger maps and new structures. Currently the interior of buildings is not accessible, though we'll be adding interiors in the future.
  6. Basic Patrol Management: You'll be able to create and edit patrols, and assign units to them. Only one, basic type of patrol is currently available -- wherein patrolling units pretty much just drive around randomly -- we'll be adding others in the future. Currently, you can't make multiple patrols that overlap one another, but we may change this in the future when we update the patrol creation UI (it's very basic at the moment).
  7. Basic Incidents & Incident Generation: We'll have a small handful of very basic incidents, each with a few different variations, that you'll be able to send units to. Most of these incidents you've seen in videos already. Incidents will be generated pretty much randomly -- not based on local crime rates / patterns (that'll come later).
  8. Basic AI & Pathfinding: Smart AI is a big goal for this game, but we have a long way to go to get there. We've tried to make officers, suspects, etc. as smart as we can given where we are in development, but there is *much* still to be improved upon, and you can expect them to still do some fairly silly stuff 🙂
  9. Extremely Basic Animations: While some basic animations exist (walking, running, pointing a weapon), many more "intricate" ones -- like handcuffing a suspect, or jumping a fence, are conspicuously absent, and will probably remain so for a little while.
  10. Very Basic Government Relations: The current mayor will pretty much always be happy with your performance (lucky you!) and you'll be able to make very basic requests (generally, for more money) using the government influence points you'll accrue.
  11. Very Basic Financial Management: Stuff will cost money, including salaries and maintenance that have recurring costs, though you'll be able to give yourself unlimited funds using some limited debugging tools.
  12. Basic Tooltips and Hotkeys: Creating a user interface for a complex game like KTP is hugely challenging, and is a personal priority. Your struggles should be with strategy and tactics, not the UI. To the extent possible, this first version will include limited tooltips and hotkeys to help make things easier, though they won't (yet) be customizable. We'll improve/add as we go, thanks to your awesome feedback.

Coming Soon

Some things that won't be available in the first prototype coming this month, but that we plan to add soon:

  1. Save/Load: Currently games cannot be saved!  We'll be adding save/load functionality in the next couple of releases, though expect that saved games will generally not be compatible from one version of the game to the next.
  2. Saved Vehicle Templates: Currently there's no way to save your vehicle designs / loadouts, though we plan to add this (very) soon. We'll try our best (but can't make guarantees) to make these saved templates still work from one version of the game to the next.
  3. Orders: Assign units to form a perimeter, or search an area for a suspect, or set up a roadblock, for example. Orders will give you more control over how you want your officers to tackle a particular incident.
  4. More Officer Management Tools: Some basic options will come soon, like being able to fire officers. More advanced options, like sending officers for training, and promoting them, and managing their health and morale, will come later.
  5. A Basic Tutorial / In-Game Tips: In addition to just some basic instruction for new players, I also hope to incorporate some ways to highlight new features as we add things to the game.
  6. Personnel & Vehicle Equipment: These will be added gradually as we build out gameplay functionality that can make use of different types of equipment.
  7. Basic Combat & Injuries: Hand to hand struggles and the use of firearms, and the possibility of injuries -- both for your officers, and civilians -- as a result of those altercations.
  8. Incident Outcomes / Consequences: Currently it doesn't much matter how an incident is resolved, but this will quickly change!
  9. Patrol Outcomes / Consequences: Similarly, aside from distributing your units around the map, patrols don't currently affect anything other than the visibility of your officers (and that in turn doesn't affect much). We'll be adding many connections between your patrols -- and the types of patrols you engage in, once that's added -- and other gameplay systems.
  10. Smarter Incident Generation: Incidents that are generated based on more granular local factors, such as local crime rates, the types of crimes that tend to happen in an area, and recent police presence in an area. Eventually (but not soon), incidents would also be driven by "global" features, such as broader crime waves, economic issues, the introduction of organized crime, etc.
  11. "Missions": Missions will be expectations that the government or community may have for you from time to time. Completing them may provide bonuses (like additional government or community influence points) while ignoring them may or may not have consequences. Early missions will drive the tutorial, with the mayor setting expectations for you to set up and grow your department.

Obviously there's much more in the pipeline (and we'll share more details in the roadmap soon) but the above represents some of our more immediate priorities.

Let me know if you have any questions!



P.S. As we finish things up, I'll probably add some screenshots to this post, so keep an eye out for updates on this page through the rest of this month. CHECK OUT THE TEASER VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: 

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Posted: 07/01/2019 11:56 pm. Korny81, mazednikCZ, Gato787 and 16 people liked.

Thank you Nick. That sounds great. The sole fact that you give us something playable is fantastic. I can't wait.

Posted: 08/01/2019 4:28 am. nicolaifh and MarksMan liked.

Thanks again, Nick. The aspect of having a playable version this early on is incredible. I can't wait.  😛 🙂 

Posted: 08/01/2019 4:34 am.

Regarding Basic unit management: Is it possible in the future, to assign more than 4 officers into a vehicle. I mean if you for an example choose the Van, it got 6 interior spaces, so can you assign 8 officers to it, meaning 2 in the front and 6 in the back(interior)?

Would be very helpful for your SWAT team and riot/demonstration units...

Also, will we be able take officers from one vehicle, and use them in another one, with different types of equipment for another assigment?

I think, that this would give the flexibility needed for bigger events like riots etc..


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Posted: 08/01/2019 11:03 am.

Thanks for the update, Nick.  I do have a question.  As we are playing the game, would you like us to communicate bugs or problems that we discover?  If you do, how would you like us to get this information to you and the dev team?

C.R. Chandler
Posted: 08/01/2019 3:13 pm.

Thanks for the update. I’m really looking forward to seeing the game. I’m really keen for this development and will endeavour to provide constructive feedback 

Posted: 12/01/2019 10:35 am.

Cheer up! Hope that there will be K-9 units haha.

Posted: 13/01/2019 10:40 am. RanZau liked.

I'm late to backing - but I'm here!  Looking forward to the progress - the roads gonna be a long one but you sound passionate about what you're making so I'm here to show some support.

Posted: 15/01/2019 9:02 pm.



Posted: 16/01/2019 3:31 pm.

As the prototype release date gets closer the excitement is palpable for sure! I for one can not wait to play this while assisting this vision come to life. I know this will most likely be a year or more in the making, and I am committed to seeing that vision through. 

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Rest Easy Brother.
Posted: 21/01/2019 3:41 am.

I apologize for grammatical errors, I write through a translator, I am from Russia and I am very interested in your game, as well as many of my friends. I would like to see on the Station/Department of the same gameplay elements, maybe some disagreements between colleagues, one can't patrol with others, and if they are forced to lose some points in the feature, or someone wanted in your free time for a coffee so there was some roleplay, and not just car chases and shooting. And I would like to wish you good luck in development. 🤗 

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@Alexandr, Glory to Mother Russia!

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Thanks for the comments everyone! For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, last night we uploaded a little teaser video for v0.13:

I also made some small updates to the first post in this thread, namely:

  • Bad news: v0.13 will only have one vehicle -- a sedan. We got very close to finishing the SUV, but not close enough. We'll have the SUV for next month's update.
  • Good news: As you can see in the video, we've incorporated many more vehicle customization options than we had planned. We'll further build on this (and get you the conspicuously-absent ability to save your designs) in coming updates.
  • I'd hoped to find time to share an updated roadmap for 2019 but that hasn't happened yet. It'll be my first priority once v0.13 gets uploaded.

Okay, busy day! Talk soon!


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Looks awesome Nick,lets hope those still sitting on the fence about this game,jump on in and join us.Well done team.Can not wait.

Posted: 29/01/2019 11:07 am.

Sounds great!!!! How is it being distributed to the alpha team?

Posted: 29/01/2019 4:33 pm.
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