Updated Roadmap and Production Schedule  

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Hey everyone!

First a big thanks to all who have been playing our first prototype and sharing comments, ideas, and bug reports! Based on your feedback we've updated some of our plans for the next few releases (coming approximately once per month) and will continue to do so as more feedback comes in. Below I've outlined some of our high-level plans for the rest of this year. I'll be putting this roadmap onto its own section of the website at some point soon, but wanted to share it with you here first. Alpha Team members can also visit our production schedule:
https://playktp.com/schedule/ which has been freshly updated and outlines in detail the individual things we're working on right now. I'll try to keep that as up-to-date as possible and will add new things as our plans get updated further (based on your feedback etc.)


Current Roadmap - 2019 and Beyond

Prototypes: Police Fundamentals
Winter/Spring 2019
Our first few updates to the KTP prototype will establish a stable foundation for the Alpha versions to come. We will focus on:
• Building core features/functionality of the game, such as:
○ Unit and officer management
○ Combat and injuries
○ Unit and officer equipment
○ Reports & financial management
○ Basic political system and community relations
• Establishing an intuitive user interface
• Eliminating major bugs and performing basic optimization
• Replacing placeholder art (vehicle and character models, structures, UI art, etc.) with new original artwork

Alpha 1: In Pursuit
Summer/Fall 2019
Our first set of Alpha releases will flesh out and perfect gameplay surrounding basic incidents, especially those involving foot and vehicle pursuits. We will focus on:
• Improvements to artificial intelligence
• Adding variety and depth to incidents
• Adding new orders and ways to control your units
• Adding basic strategic elements (e.g. incident generation that depends on local crime rates, and crime rates that depend on your handling of incidents)
• Adding new vehicles and equipment

Alpha 2: On Patrol
Winter 2019/2020
Our second set of Alpha releases will significantly expand the existing patrol system, giving you more control over your officers' priorities and adding strategic consequences from their patrols. We will focus on:
• Adding more granular patrol options
• Adding more strategic implications as a result of your patrols
• Adding new incident types, including traffic accidents
• Implementing preliminary officer development (training, experience, promotions, etc.)
• Implementing departmental policies and programs
• Implementing very basic investigations
• Adding new vehicles and equipment

Alpha 3: Under Investigation
Spring 2020
Our third set of Alpha releases will build out the investigation system, so that your officers' can investigate cases and track down and arrest perpetrators after crimes have been committed.

Alpha 4
Summer 2020
Our fourth set of Alpha releases will focus on adding additional content to the game -- new, more complex incidents such as hostage situations, demonstrations, and riots; more vehicles and equipment; and additional maps and scenarios.

Details about future Alpha/Beta/Full versions will be shared as time progresses.

Posted: 13/02/2019 2:29 am. jacroost, Flixter, Church and 7 people liked.

Awesome! Can't wait for it, but what about the performance issues ? Any work planned on that?

Posted: 13/02/2019 2:57 am.

Thank you Nick,for the latest news bud,looking forward to the ever progressive build of the game.

Posted: 13/02/2019 6:17 am.

Sounds very good, seems like a good plan for the development of the game.

Posted: 13/02/2019 9:51 am.

I've really been impressed with the game thus far.. it has amazing potential. I sent an email about wanting to help with the game a few days ago! Get back to me!

Posted: 13/02/2019 7:36 pm.

Awesome! Good to know- I'm excited!!!

"Keep the peace is awesome. Give those guys your money."
-Any intelligent person
Posted: 14/02/2019 5:35 pm. jacroost liked.

Glad to see that production is in full swing and at a good pace. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress you make!

Special Constable | United Kingdom
Posted: 16/02/2019 12:17 pm.

Nice to read this roadmap. I think is great 🙂


Good luck.

Posted: 17/02/2019 11:01 am.

New to the community but I've been following for a long time now. Glad to finally be able to support the project and see where this project is heading. Looking forward to seeing it continue to develop.

Posted: 27/03/2019 1:52 am. Ryancs76 liked.

New to the community but I've been following for a long time now. Glad to finally be able to support the project and see where this project is heading. Looking forward to seeing it continue to develop.

Posted: 27/03/2019 1:52 am.

Super excited about this game. Can't wait to see what you guys deliver! 

Posted: 30/03/2019 5:44 pm.

Your prototype is cool, the game idea is cool.
Best of luck and looking forward to further updates.

Posted: 12/04/2019 6:31 pm. Ryancs76 liked.

Looks awesome and I can't wait for the upcoming updates. Keep up the great work Nick  👍 

Posted: 16/04/2019 12:42 pm.

when is the game out?

Posted: 27/04/2019 6:19 pm.
Posted by: mz14128915

when is the game out?

Hey mz14128915!

At this time, we do not have a definitive time frame for when the full release will be available. If you would like to get early access, you can do so by becoming an Alpha Member! All Alpha Members get access to the Prototype Builds (out now!) and in the future Alpha, Beta and eventually the full release! 

There are multiple tiers that you can choose from, including a monthly subscription for $1.00 a month! You can check it out here: http://playktp.com/alpha-team


Let me know if you have any questions!

~Frosty - Keep The Peace Community Manager~
Posted: 27/04/2019 11:26 pm.
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