V0.21 Prototype Release Notes  


Hi Everyone!

With V0.21 out the door and now available for download for Alpha Team members, I wanted to publicly share the release notes for any folks who are interesting in following development, but who might not yet have joined Alpha Team.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!


V0.21 "Conflict Resolution I"


  • All new conflict & combat system. Suspects may now passively and actively resist arrest, and may become more or less aggressive over time. Officers have new capabilities to surround suspects, order them to surrender, negotiate with them, and physically restrain them.
  • Skills matter. Whether or not officers can successfully resolve a conflict situation now largely depends on their skills, including their conflict resolution skill (used while negotiating) and their hand-to-hand combat skill (used when physically restraining a suspect).
  • Consequences happen. When orders and activities succeed or fail, situations may escalate or deescalate, suspects may become more or less aggressive and may suddenly flee or fight, and people can get hurt.
  • New injury system. As a result of physical altercations, officers and civilians can now be injured to various degrees of severity. Seriously injured individuals will be transported by ambulance to the hospital. Hospitalized officers will be unavailable to work until they recover from their injuries.
  • New & updated incident types. To make use of the new conflict & combat mechanics, we've added two new incident types - fights and assaults, and we'll have several more in the next version. We've also updated existing ones to provide more variety.
  • Various improvements across the board. We've updated the new order management system to let you override automatically created orders. We've improved vehicle pathfinding so cars drive somewhat more realistically and are less likely to cut corners (the new system is also more performant, using fewer CPU resources). We've improved officer AI slightly to be better able to cut off fleeing suspects. And we've updated the unit redeployment system so you can now redeploy units to anywhere on the map -- not only roadways -- and can Shift+Right-Click to give units multiple waypoints.


New Features:

  • New suspect actions including passive resistance, threatening, and unarmed physical violence
  • Suspects will now choose actions based on internal aggressiveness and non-compliance variables, which are different for each suspect and which can change over time, and also based on their observations of your officers
  • New officer orders for responding to non-compliant suspects: order surrender, surround suspect, and negotiate
  • Unarmed physical combat between civilians and officers
  • Certain orders, when active, now have countdown timers; when the timer finishes, a positive or negative event will occur, such as a suspect surrendering or, alternatively, becoming more aggressive
  • Mousing over an order in the order list on the incident details window now shows a pop-up window with additional information about the order including, if applicable, the positive or negative consequences that could occur
  • Officers and suspects can now be injured as a result of combat
  • Ambulances will arrive on scene (similar to tow trucks) to transport injured individuals; paramedics that actually exit the ambulance and tend to patients will be implemented in a future version
  • Officers that have been seriously injured will be inactive while they are hospitalized and recovering; in future versions, the player will be able to determine how soon an injured officer returns to duty
  • When all of a unit's officers are seriously injured/inactive, the unit will be unavailable for assignment to jobs; tow trucks will collect inactive vehicles and return them to the station
  • Updated officer tooltips and unit lists to show officer injuries
  • Several officer skills now have an impact on whether orders and activities will be successful or not, and whether civilians and officers will be injured during confrontations
  • Updated order tooltips, officer tooltips, and certain officer lists to show information about the skills and other factors that are contributing positively/negatively to an order or activity's progress
  • By holding shift while right-clicking, it is now possible to set multiple waypoints when redeploying units that are assigned to an incident
  • New incident types: fights, assaults
  • Adjusted existing incident types, where applicable, to incorporate new conflict / combat mechanics, suspect AI, and officer orders
  • Added an small icon to the icon that appears above officers, suspects, and other individuals, showing dialogue when the individual is involved in a dialogue-related activity (such as interviewing, negotiating, threatening, etc.)
  • Updated officer tooltips to show the value of that officer's skills
  • New alerts at the top of the screen to indicate when officers are injured and when suspects are resisting

Improvements & Optimizations:

  • Even when an incident is set to "fully automatic orders" the player can now, without changing the incident to "manual", override automatic orders by cancelling them or by reassigning officers from one order to another, without the automated system immediately reversing those changes
  • Slightly improved chasing AI so officers, while pursuing suspects, will automatically attempt to position themselves ahead of the suspect's path, in an attempt to cut them off
  • Units assigned to an incident can now be redeployed to anywhere on the map, not only roadways
  • New vehicle pathfinding system: vehicles will now follow road lanes more accurately, will be less likely to drive over sidewalks or cut corners while making turns, and can use all lanes of multi-lane roads
  • Adjusted the icons that appear above officers, suspects, and other individuals so that they are more likely to actually appear above the individual, and not block the model of the individual themselves
  • Units can now transport multiple arrested suspects at once, assuming they have sufficient prisoner seats installed
  • New vehicle pathfinding system should result in less stutter for some users
  • Slight performance improvements to the awareness/detection system (more to come in future updates)

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing background for in-game graphics options menu
  • Various AI issues
  • Set Order Target window not using correct list items for target options
Posted: 09/10/2019 7:17 am.
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