V0.26.1 & V0.27 - Development Update  


Hi Everyone!

As it's now been a little over a month since the release of v0.26, I wanted to provide a quick update and how development is progressing and what you can expect, when.

As we noted in our last announcement, I've been working on a number of things with two major priorities: (a) fixing the significant stability and performance issues that were a part of v0.26 and (b) restoring and building on the gameplay from previous versions that was not included in v0.26. To that end, I've been working on two updates in tandem. Here's what you can expect:

  • V0.26.1: This small update should fix the issues we've been having with the game spontaneously (and frequently) crashing. It will make a number of other graphics and UI fixes; it will fix some issues with the new missions/patrol system and improve the way missions/patrols are displayed; it will restore the ability to use custom paint scheme mods; and it will make some significant changes to the New Unit / Customize Vehicle windows. It will not make any changes to gameplay -- these will still come in v0.27.
  • V0.27: This larger update will restore most of the missing gameplay mechanics from previous versions, including incidents/emergencies for your units to respond to, and orders you can give your units.

I'm getting close to finishing V0.26.1 and am hoping to have it available sometime next week. For V0.27, I don't have a specific release date yet, but I would ballpark about one month until it's ready. As we get closer I'll share a better estimate.



Posted: 05/11/2020 9:24 pm. Sky, balabala1111, pierre503 and 3 people liked.

Thanks for all your hard work, Nick. Appreciate everything you do.

Posted: 06/11/2020 12:42 am. thor liked.

thanks cool 

Posted: 08/11/2020 2:50 pm.

Cool. Looking forward to it!

Posted: 09/11/2020 12:04 am.

such a dope game cant wait for the final product!

Posted: 09/11/2020 1:06 pm.

Love your work Nick, great job on the game

Posted: 10/11/2020 5:01 am.

Great to see progress still going strong!

Posted: 15/11/2020 7:56 am.

Another quick update -- V0.26.1 should come middle of this week. I don't have a precise date yet for V0.27 but it'll definitely be in December sometime and my gut feeling right now is mid-December. But I'll keep you posted as we get closer!



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