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Hi Everyone!

For those who have been following development in recent weeks, you know that our upcoming v0.26 and v0.27 updates are slated to be -- by a wide margin -- our biggest updates yet, bringing an all new map, a completely redesigned user interface, and a host of new and rebuilt game systems. While I'd hoped to be ready with most of this for the end of April, the work that's been required has turned out to be monumentally larger than anticipated and despite that we're making steady progress, we're still a ways away from having something playable.

As a result, I'm making some updates to our immediate roadmap. The plan had been for most of these changes to come via two updates -- v0.26 at the end of April and v0.27 at the end of May. Instead, I'm combining these both into v0.26 which will have a new release date of May 29, 2020. It royally sucks to have to wait another 3 weeks (trust me, I'm more excited than anyone to see this release go out!), and if there was any way to avoid it I would. But it's absolutely necessary in order for the game to eventually evolve into a fun, complete, and professional product -- and not just become a buggy patchwork of disorganized features.

If you're curious why this update is taking so long, keep reading. Though the new map and new UI are certainly big pieces, there's also a lot more to it.

What's going into v0.26?

A completely overhauled world

V0.26's new map is its most visually obvious update. 16 times larger than the old map, with a total playable area about 5x larger (and likely expandable in the future), the new map features a more detailed terrain, over 50 kilometers of roads, and more than a thousand places your officers could be called to. The larger scale is crucial for the higher-level, more strategic game mechanics we'll be building out over the next couple of months.

What goes into making the new map?

  • Modelling and texturing dozens of new types of structures and places (with virtually infinite possible variations) including stores, factories, warehouses, farms, parks, schools, offices, and a new police station.
  • All new props, fences, and other details scattered around the map that create obstacles and provide cover
  • Dozens of new textures to make everything from the ground up look more realistic
  • All new road types -- everything from dirt roads to suburban side streets to tree-lined boulevards to rural highways
  • A new vegetation system (for trees, bushes, grass, etc.) that not only allows for more detail than ever before, but also runs much faster

Perhaps most importantly, I've developed a new system for rendering the thousands upon thousands of buildings, roads, props, and other objects that are on the map at any given time. The new system dramatically reduces the stress put on both the CPU and the GPU, which should help folks who were experiencing lag in the past, and it was absolutely necessary in order to be able to scale the map upwards at all.

A completely overhauled UI + every game mechanic that feeds into it

V0.26 rebuilds the user interface from the ground up. Literally every button, menu, tooltip, list, text box -- everything -- has been redesigned. New colors, new fonts, new layouts. Information is presented in ways that will -- hopefully! -- be much more intuitive, and the new UI makes it easier to control your units.

But the new UI is just the surface atop more significant improvements to the game under the hood. Nearly every major game mechanic has been redeveloped or significantly updated, including:

  • A new system for officer skills and other attributes (such as physical & mental health and morale)
  • A new system for suspect AI / decision making
  • A new system for how officers, suspects, and other actors detect (e.g. see and hear) each other
  • A new system for calculating risks and consequences from officer activities (such as negotiations or foot pursuits) which is heavily integrated into the new officer skills system
  • A new system for calculating the outcomes of incidents, and how those outcomes feed into global variables like perceived security and approval rates

A new missions / patrols system

The most significant new gameplay system is the new missions system, which completely replaces the old patrol system. There's an all new way to create patrol areas -- including the ability to create overlapping patrols, if desired -- and in coming updates you'll be able to assign officers to all sorts of different patrol types, proactive and community patrols and special operations.

Out with the old, in with the new

Finally, I've taken this opportunity to significantly clean up the game's codebase, rewriting more than 50% of the old code to make it easier to maintain in the future (which = fewer bugs and faster updates). The game's engine has also been upgraded, along with other third-party tools we use, to leverage several significant advancements that have come out over the past two years. This should result in additional performance improvements and easier updates in the future.

As always, thank you for your patience as we work hard to put this version of KTP together, and I'll be sure to share more updates as we get closer to release. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!

All the best from our home in Toronto to yours!


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bring mal wieder ein neues Update raus, oder habt ihr kein bock mehr dieses spiel weiter zu entwickeln?

seid ihr pleite oder was?

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Hi Marvin,

The current status of V0.26 development is here: https://playktp.com/community/announcements/v0-26-dev-progress-updated/

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.



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