V0.26 Feedback Update  


Hello friends! We wanted to drop you an update about the recent alpha build and what we at Deliberative Entertainment are working on right now to ensure we remain transparent and open to our community.

As you know, we recently launched version 0.26 to Alpha Team members. This is the culmination of months of work re-writing back end systems that will provide us a stronger foundation to the game moving forward. Your support throughout has been incredible and has helped us to get to this point.

When we released version 0.26 there were some unfortunate omissions to key aspects of the gameplay, as a result of some outstanding game-breaking bugs with bigger systems, such as incidents. This was further exacerbated by issues of stability that have arisen as part of the changes to the engine. Some of you were understandably upset that version 0.26 provides less gameplay than older versions.

From release, we have been listening to all your feedback, positive and negative and will incorporate this feedback in updates that are coming shortly to the game.

These updates will address two separate issues: (a) making the game more stable, by fixing crashes and other bugs, and (b) restoring and improving game mechanics and adding new features. We hope to address the stability issues as soon as possible, and updates to the game mechanics will come in our next major update in November.

Among the high-priority stability and technical issues that we’re working on are:

  • Sudden and frequent crashes to desktop, often brought on by painting patrol areas or scrolling around the map
  • Vehicle designs not saving properly
  • Improvements to the LOD system so that the game doesn’t stutter when zooming in and out, and transitions between structures at different LOD levels are more subtle
  • The ability to change graphics settings
  • UI issues with certain resolutions and aspect ratios

Among the high-priority gameplay updates that we’re working on are:

  • The restoration of incidents as we completely overhaul the incident system, with improved AI, improved systems for issuing orders to units, and an improved system for outcomes/consequences as a result of incidents and unit activities
  • An overhauled vehicle & officer equipment system
  • A rebuilt combat & injury system
  • Saving and loading vehicle designs to disk
  • Saving and loading at least portions of your game to disk
  • Various UI improvements, including additional information in tooltips
  • The ability to load custom vehicle skins and flash patterns (including ones made prior to this update)

We would like to thank you all once again for your continued support, your constructive criticism, and your understanding that the game development process is a difficult one with many ups and downs. Like any major technical endeavour, building a game often requires a huge time investment building tools and systems that may not be obvious to the end-user – the player – but that are crucial nonetheless. V0.26 represented an enormous effort doing just that, and while it may not be obvious now, that work will, ultimately, allow us to continue providing feature-rich gameplay updates and a stabler experience in the future. We thank you for standing alongside us while KTP is still a prototype, and the development process is ever changing and especially challenging, and thank you for helping us to develop Keep the Peace alongside such a passionate community. If you have any questions, drop us a message over on Discord, and we will continue to keep you updated as we get closer to sharing the next update!

- Nick & the KTP community management team

Posted: 09/10/2020 4:55 pm. Bystander_2008, Matthew Conn and pierre503 liked.

Really appreciate your update and I look forward to the great things you accomplish on this game!


Posted: 09/10/2020 6:37 pm. Matthew Conn liked.

What a great dev team, can't wait or this november update  😀 

Posted: 22/10/2020 8:31 am.

ich habe mich zwar super über das neue update gefreut, da ich von ausgegangen bin das dieses schöne spiel keine updates mehr bekommt.

Das problem ist das man das spiel jetzt nicht mehr länger als 3 minuten spielen kann, weil das game so bald mann auf Mission geht sofort abstürtzt 🙁  😥 

Posted: 02/11/2020 3:38 pm.

setzt das game am besten wieder auf Alpah 0,25 zurück das ich wieder spielen kann. 😀

Posted: 02/11/2020 3:44 pm.
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