Welcome to Alpha Team!  


Wow -- what can I say. A *huge* thank you to all the generous and enthusiastic folks who have joined our Alpha Team supporters club over the past couple of days. From the Kickstarter through to now, you've demonstrated your passion to see Keep the Peace become a reality, and your encouragement and support means everything to us. 

Over the past several weeks we've been consumed with getting Alpha Team launched, to the extent that we haven't been able to work meaningfully on Keep the Peace itself. So, this is an exciting time for us, because we can now get back to the game that has brought us all together, and we can start, once again, sharing some progress with you. 

That said, over the weekend we'll be working to make a few improvements and additions to the site. We won't necessarily have them all ready for Monday, but here's what we'll be working on over the next few days:

  • Our first significant Alpha Team development update -- these are in-depth explorations of the game development process which are provided as a perk of Alpha Team membership in this forum
  • Some additional features for the forum, including signatures and member profile pages
  • Some updates to the Production Schedule section to make things a little clearer and more visually interesting
  • A section showing pledge goals and our current progress against those goals 

I also wanted to say thanks for all the awesome messages on this forum and the ideas and suggestions that have been streaming in to the Feature Request board. Y'all are incredible. 

More to come soon!


Posted: 19/10/2018 8:45 pm.
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