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hey anti virus keeps kicking in and telling me not to download game that its not safe

Posted: 03/10/2021 4:10 pm.

Hi Gustafur,

Thanks for your message and sorry to just be getting back to you now!

Just to double-check, is it your web browser, your anti-virus software, or Windows that is giving you the message? The files available for download don't contain any malicious software and they are digitally-signed (you can confirm they haven't been tampered with when Windows shows the author as "Deliberative Entertainment" when you first run the program) and hosted in a secure Amazon data center. However, depending on your security settings, Windows, web browsers, or anti-virus software may issue a warning when they don't recognize a file, which is common with software from small developers. Depending on the actual software that's giving you the warning, you can confirm whether it's just a warning about a risk, or a warning of an actual infection. It is most likely the former, and if you choose to, you can generally bypass these warnings, and if you're not sure how, the help pages for the software in question should likely provide some guidance.

If the issue persists, don't hesitate to let me know the exact software giving the error, and the exact text of the error (a screenshot can be useful too) and I can try to help further!


Deliberative Entertainment

Posted: 14/10/2021 4:53 pm.
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