CBRN Situations  


I was wondering what the game would be like with CBRN situations and thought it might be a cool addition to the game, it's just an idea I had but I know how hard all the devs are working so it might not even be considered. Anyway I just thought it would make a great addition to the game.

Posted: 16/10/2019 11:41 am.


Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the belated reply!

I agree that there's a ton of interesting stuff we could do with that. It's probably true that if we can do it, it would be a ways away, but I share your hope that we could incorporate something like it. If you have any more specific ideas for how you'd like to see incidents like those play out, please don't hesitate to share!



Posted: 27/11/2019 1:51 pm.

Thanks! (now its me with the slow reply xD)

Maybe incidents like this would have the National Guard involved as well who are controllable assets to help you or something like that. You might also be able to quarantine and evacuate the affected area (I know evacuations are on the roadmap). I think that might add a bit of immersion into the incidents. On a completely different note I think it would be fun to be able to become a harsh and brutal police force like a totalitarian state's police.

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