Will there be corruption in the police department? I would like to see police corruption in the game, like playing as a corrupted chief of police and taking bribes, arresting innocent people, doing things that make the people fear the police, abusing my power and doing whatever I want with my power.

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Posted: 25/10/2019 2:44 am.

Hi Rollins,

There has been much discussion around the topic of their being various options for corruption in the game. Whether that be the player being corrupt, the players officers being corrupt and disciplining them or whether corruption should be written off as being outside the scope of the game.

At this time there's no definitive answer and any answer to whether corruption will feature will come, I would suggest, in one of the later game stages planned for 2020/2021.

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Posted: 25/10/2019 8:56 am.
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