Questions about Alpha team forum  


Hi there, I've purchased alpha team but have been unable to access the alpha team forums and redirects me to the membership store. Is this something I have to wait a few days or is the standard tier not granted access to the forums? 


Also, any way to re-assign units? or un-assign them from a vehicle?

Posted: 05/09/2019 8:17 am.


You should have access to alpha sections of the website immediately, please submit a support ticket here.

Units can be assigned to new patrols, aside from that once made they can not be adjusted, this is planned at a later date.

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Posted: 05/09/2019 9:31 am.

Thanks for the response! I waited a day and checked to see if I had access now but it still doesn't allow me access. I'll submit a support ticket and see how it goes! Thanks for your help (:

Posted: 06/09/2019 3:12 am.
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