Sandbox mode  


I really like to play games like this (management) with the posibility to enter in sandbox mode (with infinite money,everything unlocked and other stuff) and I would like to know if there will be one.

Posted: 06/10/2019 7:59 am.


Sorry for the belated response!

Definitely planning to incorporate this -- especially during the prototype/Alpha stage, since it can help with testing, but I don't see any reason why we can't keep it around for the final version too. I know a lot of people would rather focus on being creative in the design of their department (perhaps to recreate a real life police force, or to realize their ideal one), and the game's normal constraints (which will ultimately be designed to make it challenging!) could certainly get in the way of that.

Thanks for the feedback!


Posted: 27/11/2019 1:54 pm.
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