Special events: Controversial Event and Riots  


This is a suggestion for Keep the Peace.

What: Your police force is put on the world stage, as a controversial leader, person, change, or event is about to occur and will certainly spark protests. You receive extra funding specially for this, and advanced warning to prepare as not only yours, but your country's reputation is at stake. With advanced warning, you have time to make sure everything goes smoothly, protecting your name from the wild pack of vicious, protest sympathetic journalists. With the extra time, you would be able to build a network of key protesters, and control them. You can ramp up your riot control squad with the special funding from your government. The best way to prevent a disaster is to prevent a major protest. On the day, you deal with the consequences of the build up, and maintain strict control over the angered crowds. But, you must be careful, televised pictures of harsh treatment will spark worldwide disgust, calling for your head. After a calm descends, but you must defend your actions in the soon to come press conferences, and the dreaded conversation with your very own president.


Why: This is a chance to show what your police force is really made of. A test in which your higher ups watch closely, and will either reward, or limit your future power. You could finally prove that your ready for more funding and control, or that their suspicions of a failing force are true. It can also sway public opinion, your harsh treatment made them lose trust, as your viewed as just another political tool. Or maybe, a hero to freedom of speech, on a controlled manner of course. The event will test your capabilities and have major consequences on your future.

When: Once every 100 years, although less important similar events can take place, but more on a state based level rather than international.

How: This is merely a suggestion.

A good example of a similar real life event would be the Springbok Tour of New Zealand in 1981. The main controversy was that South Africa was still under apartheid, and no one was to host a sport tournament with them under the spirit of the Glen Eagles agreement. In the months leading up, profiles on activists were made, and riot squads Red and Blue were trained. Molesworth Street sparked outrage as excessively violent police beat protesters to stop their dangerously close advance on parliament. The violent clashes between protesters and police lead to an afterward mistrust of the once innocent police man, and made life harder for both parties.

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I remember two incidents from my state that occurred in my area while I was in training.

Google "Alton Sterling Shooting" and "Gavin Long Shooting."

Heavy events that drove Baton Rouge into chaos.

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Love this suggestion, and definitely planning something like this. I think we can do a number of things with special events, ranging from sporting events, to political speeches, to major/controversial conventions and protests like you've described. Depending on the event your responsibilities could range from traffic control to full blown riot control, and to your point, a lot of your success could hinge on the prep work you've done leading up to the event, and your overall strategy, almost like a tower defense game. 

Not sure if there's already an entry for this in the idea submission system but if not feel free to add it so other folks can vote, add on other ideas, and we can prioritize accordingly.



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