V0.25 Available for Download [Updated w/ Release Notes]  


Hi Everyone!

V0.25 is now (finally!) ready for download! Thanks for your patience while I battled many bugs (both software bugs and flu bugs 😑) to eventually get this out the door!

A bulk of what is delivered in this release is described in our previous dev update:  https://playktp.com/community/development-updates/v0-25-preview-incident-management-ui-updates/ so check that out if you haven't already. And if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to post below!

Here's the link to the download page: https://playktp.com/member-downloads/

Stay healthy friends!


Full Release Notes:

New Features

  • Now able to issue orders to selected units by right clicking (e.g. on a suspect) directly on the map
  • Active orders now appear as little icons on the map above the icon for an element (e.g. suspect, victim)
  • Icons and lines between officers and elements also now indicate the active orders when a unit is selected, or the mouse is hovering over a unit or element
  • Click the icon for an active order to open a small window showing details about that order and giving options to edit and cancel it
  • The edit order window also now shows success chances and risk chances for certain orders, and hovering the mouse over these provide more details about the factors that contribute to these
  • Several updates to the incident detail window for the selected incident, showing now a list of elements (instead of the previous list of "objectives") and a streamlined view of assigned units that now clearly indicates the active order for each unit
  • Element detail tooltip has been significantly simplified and now also sometimes shows data about the element relevant to its current situation (e.g. a suspect that is threatening officers will show its current level of aggression and compliance)
  • When certain stats for elements change (e.g. a suspect's aggression level increases or decreases), a little icon indicating the change now appears above the element
  • Suspect and officer energy levels are now shown in the element and officer detail tooltips, when chasing



  • Various updates to suspect AI affecting when they decide to flee, threaten, and attack
  • Suspects now more likely to outrun officers if officers have a low level of fitness
  • Suspects now able to break free from officers, and are more likely to injure officers, when officers catch up to them in a foot pursuit, particularly if officers have a low level of fitness
  • Icons on the map for all elements (suspects, officers, victims, etc.) now appear all the time, regardless whether a related incident or unit is selected; however elements for a selected incident will appear brighter than those for unselected ones
  • Various adjustments to the selected unit window
  • Element and officer detail tooltips now appear in a different position (below the incident detail window and the unit detail window, respectively)
  • Auto-Order now makes better decisions about which units to assign to an order, based on factors such as proximity and officer skills
  • Various minor UI tweaks


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with officers and suspects getting stuck in place while officers were trying to walk the suspect to a police vehicle
  • Fixed trees appearing above a road on one part of the map
  • Fixed cars sometimes falling off the edges of the map
  • Fixed the location of houses (as an incident element, particularly during the Break & Enter incident) appearing at the front of the house, rather than the center of it
  • Fixed various other minor and internal bugs


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I like this update (nice work), interface is more clear . But how to  increase the perceived security and satisfaction? I can solve incidents quickly but perceived security and satisfaction never increase.

Posted: 14/03/2020 7:17 am.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, those definitely need to be rebalanced. Planning to update the algorithms that affect them a bit in v0.26, so hopefully they'll make more sense after that, but it'll probably take a little while to get them perfect.



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