V0.27.2 Bug Fix Update  


Hi Everyone!

We've just uploaded v0.27.2 which is an update to fix numerous bugs in the previous version and make a few other small tweaks.

The new version can be downloaded here: Member Downloads

The full list of changes include:

  • Fixed a persistent issue with vehicles stuttering slightly while moving even at high framerates
  • Fixed an issue with all of the images in New Unit->Personnel all showing a picture of the first officer
  • Fixed camera tracking units lagging behind them a bit (especially at high game speeds)
  • Fixed issue with some built-in designs missing equipment and the callsigns not showing even when they should
  • Fixed issues with person pathfinding at high game speeds
  • Fixed mouse controls for rotating camera view not working (changed to Right Click + Drag)
  • Fixed officers teleporting far from their vehicle when trying to exit it
  • Fixed roadside parking spaces not working
  • Fixed SHIFT and CTRL to shrink/expand patrol painting areas not working
  • Fixed shift-clicking to select multiple units not working
  • Fixed talking animations not always working properly
  • Fixed the LOD transition of trees being too obvious because they change blatantly from a light shade of green to a dark one
  • Fixed the tool to remove area from a mission/patrol not properly removing all areas under the brush
  • Fixed the vehicle design thumbnail sometimes having lighting (from the lightbars) applied to it
  • Fixed units circling around points when they arrive at a destination (especially patrol points and redeployment targets)
  • Fixed vehicles not being able to make U-turns at intersections (especially an issue for divided roads)
  • Fixed weird lag on start that sometimes results in the Windows loading cursor appearing upon startup and persisting for the entire game session
  • Added a simple "loading..." message when a saved game is loading
  • Added a tiny delay to edge scrolling
  • Locked cursor position on the screen while middle-button drag panning
  • Tweaked the look of light reflecting off surfaces of water
  • Units assigned to 'redeploy' or some other manual order now clear that order if reassigned to the incident they already belong to
  • Added an Easter Egg


Please let me know here or on Discord if you run into any more bugs or have any other suggestions! Our major v0.28 update is coming next month and more dev updates are coming to our YouTube channel shortly!

All the best,


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