V0.28.1 Now Available  


Hi Everyone!

Version 0.28.1 of the KTP prototype is now available! This version of the prototype fixes a number of urgent bugs that were present in 0.28.0. There are no notable changes to gameplay or features. Be sure the check out the official roadmap and the bug tracker for more information about what's coming next!

Work on 0.28.2--which will include various improvements to gameplay and new features--is already well under way, and I'll have a few new development diaries coming soon!

Alpha Team members can download the new version here.



The following minor adjustments were made in this version:

  • Tweaks to the appearance of the radio and the main management buttons

Bug Fixes

The following issues were fixed in this version:

  • "Person in sight" radio messages would sometimes be triggered for spotting resolved elements (e.g. jailed or hospitalized suspects)
  • After being hospitalized, officers are sometimes frozen and unable to be assigned to new tasks
  • An invisible UI element surrounding the radio near the bottom center of the screen would block mouse clicks, scroll zoom, etc., even when no radio messages were shown
  • Civilian models aren't always destroyed when they (or their incident) is resolved
  • Game starts with the camera target locked to the station, which causes camera functions to not lerp and possibly other issues until the lock is reset by panning the camera
  • Gunshot and siren sound effects not working
  • It's possible to make the camera go upside-down
  • Keyboard commands still work when typing into an input box and when management windows are open, which can have unintended consequences
  • Lag sometimes occurs when creating/editing a mission because the mission preview mesh is casting shadows
  • Major framerate issues for certain users due to the game loading shadow settings from a previous install of KTP
  • Officers don't heal minor or serious injuries
  • Officers sometimes "chase" NPCs that are unconscious and are being transported by ambulance
  • Officers sometimes still negotiate with a surrendered suspect
  • Officers usually won't automatically negotiate even when auto orders is on
  • Set zoom speed in the Interface Settings not working
  • Several manual orders wouldn't work if the target was not in sight (but it was still possible to assign the order)
  • Shift-click to select multiple units is not working
  • Surrendered suspects often don't stay surrendered
  • Thread safety issue in the suspect fleeing logic that sometimes crashes the entire pathfinding system
  • Time setting / pause hotkeys not working
  • Transparent but blurry UI element that would sometimes appear right above the radio
  • Unit reset button on the debug panel doesn't always fully reset a stuck unit
  • Vehicle thumbnails on the Edit Unit page sometimes show multiple vehicles overlapping
  • Vehicles sometimes get stuck in certain parts of the map, including both player vehicles and ambulances
  • Vehicles sometimes halt abruptly when changing destinations/orders
  • When creating/editing a mission and adding area to it, it's possible to click through the edit window
  • When too many incidents or units exist, their lists on the left/right side of the screen overflow
  • When using the 'R' and 'F' keys to zoom the camera, only the first press is registered -- holding the button down doesn't continue to zoom in/out
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