Keep the Peace

Keep the Peace is still early in its development, but we’re working as hard as possible to get the game ready for you to play. If you’re interested in playing prototype and alpha versions of the game sooner than anyone else, you might want to check out Alpha Team. A very primitive playable prototype is already available for Alpha Team members.

It’s too early to even estimate a release date, and given the scope and complexity of a game like Keep the Peace, we hope to have to privilege to keep building it, and to keep adding features and content, for several years. But we are currently working to get you playable versions as soon as possible, because your feedback on our work-in-progress will make the game better. A very primitive playable prototype is already available for Alpha Team members, and we attempt to release updated versions approximately once per month.

Keep the Peace is currently being developed for PC. Early versions will be available exclusively for Windows, but we hope to add Mac and Linux versions in the future as well. Many folks have asked about console or mobile versions, so we recognize there is significant interest there, however we won’t be able to properly consider a console or mobile version until after the PC versions are much more complete.

Although Keep the Peace is being developed in English, we have fans from all over the world, and have heard your interest in seeing the game translated to many different languages. We’re developing the game in such a way to make localisation later on as easy as possible — whether official translations are released by us, or whether community members will be able to add and share their own translations as mods. Once we are farther along in development, we will release more information about this.

Alpha Team

In short, Alpha Team is an online community of Keep the Peace supporters — folks who share their ideas, their feedback, and small financial contributions to help accelerate the game’s production and improve the quality of the final product. Alpha Team members get access to exclusive sections of the website, get special recognition, will be able to play prototype/alpha versions of the game, and get other benefits. It’s a little bit like supporting us on Kickstarter or Patreon! To learn more about Alpha Team or see how you can join click here.

Alpha Team registration is currently open! If you haven’t already done so, you can register for a free account on this website by clicking here. Then, visit the Membership Store to choose the Alpha Team option that’s best for you.

By signing up to pay just $1 per month, you’ll help support our ongoing development costs, and you’ll make Keep the Peace into a better game. If you’re ever dissatisfied with our progress, or are no longer interested in Keep the Peace, you can cancel your membership and not receive any further charges. However, if you stay long enough to make a total of $25 in pledges, your membership will automatically convert to a Standard Lifetime Membership, and you won’t need to make any further payments.

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