It would be really cooldd, if when a serious crime had accured, your detectives would move out (on your order of course), and start talking to witnesses, using those small yellow numbermarkers for marking evidence etc.. Also the officers should close down the crimescene with there cars, barricade tape and there persons.

Another animation I like to see myself, is when a gunbattle arises. We know that officers and suspects will take cover. So how nice would it be, if when a car is used for cover, that car will potentially be riddled with gunshots, the windows will be broken and lights on the policecars could be shot in pieces aswell.

crime scene

could do a wellness check and murder investigations, finding a dead body in a car or randomly in the city


Probably already planned, but wants to mention it anyway.

Spotlights used for lighting up cars on trafficstops and when searching for people.


Basically, tow truck and ambulance should not be AI, but a unit. Also, firetrucks. Basically, make it all 3 branches. Also, add more units such as SWAT. Get WAY more addons to vehicle.

Support tasks

Of course most of the tasks should be police tasks, but it would be nice once in a while, to have a call for assistance from EMS and/or FD. Could e.g. be an unruly person or help to secure an area.

fire/ems being playable

When the game releases a little after it would be cool to have multiplayer and players can play as ems/fire. Having a teamwork feature with other people could be really cool. For example if your a pd guy and your friend is fd guy this game would be a fun game to play. In the future when this game is released that can be a cool free dlc. Multiplayer should be in the game and would be an amazing feature. If you dont like it than dont play it. this again should be far in the future and a free dlc or a update.

Search pattern

It would be nice that your police officers can search from there vehicles. Maybe that you can choose like search on foot or in vehicle.

Basic Character Customization

The ability to customize a characters basic facial features (skin tone & facial hair), kinda like how you can rename them now

Officer uniforms

I do like the officer uniforms, but I think that they do look a little like the 80´s policeuniforms!

Some more modern looking ones, would be very nice. Maybe inspired by the LAPD, NYPD etc..

Also the option between none, a cap and the hat.

Playable Chief Character

I believe it would be a nice addition, to when you create a match. You would be get to create your police chief. The chief could patrol or stay at the station, or be requested on calls or after major scenes. Locally, police chiefs in the area patrol just as much as the officers. This could spawn additional incident types, out in the towns/cities along with at the station.

Town/City types: Just some examples

*Respond to a major homicide/Shooting, address press(Could be set for certain ranks up to chief too)
*Major Protest
*Officer Down

*Addressing Officer Conduct
*Talking about crime stats, and ways to supress it(Could be multi choice answers)
*Giving speeches
*Speaking to the media