Saving Livery

You should simply be able to save your vehicle livery you made to be able to use later.

Custom Tactics

Have the ability to make custom tactics for various actions such as pursuits

Corrupt Cops

Cops can be bribed and bought and the chance of them being corrupted would depend on a stat

CS gas launcher

The CS gas launcher looks like already being ingame. My suggestion is, that it can be used by your SWAT team too (if its not already possible). So that you have the Negotiatior, the SWAT entry team and also the CS gas launcher when you are arresting people inside a house.

Fire extinguisher

selfexplained, but I think that it would be a good thing to have in your patrolcars.


I'm not sure if it's already planned, but I think that could be cool. At night or in particular at the weekends there is a visible nightlife and club scene downtown that may bring some violence, drugdealing, sexual assault or injured people etc. if your officers in charge won't show enough presence.

Fish and wildlife incidents

Just an idea for a wide range of incidents. Implement hunters and fisherman. If you got a lake it might be necessary to have a boat, otherwise you can't control their activity. And you'll need some parkranger or a wildlifepolice that is working in the woods preventing poaching or illegal killing.

Major crimes/task forces

So currently we have small crimes. Over time it would be good to see more ongoing/major crimes.

E.g. gang activity, organised drug trafficking, extortion, serial killers
These serious/persistent offences should cause incidents to pop up as normal, but if you or a senior officer notice a pattern you can link incidents together.

Once 2+ incidents are linked together it can either go to normal detectives to work out (for less serious crimes e.g. repeated burglary) or if it's many incidents/serious incidents you should get the option to set up a task force.

This task force has to be headed up by a senior officer (rank depending on severity maybe) and additional officers/resources can be assigned to it.
Over time and depending on what evidence they find it should generate leads to the suspects/actual organisers of these crimes.

Once you have enough evidence and identified key suspects you can then organise raids to arrest suspects and shut down the major crime.

Long running unsolved major crimes could seriously damage city/mayor opinion possibly.

Purpose of ranks

A few others have already posted about controlling and re-naming ranks and I definitely think we should have control over promotions.

Now making those ranks have meaning is also important so it's not just a way to appease experienced staff/give experience bonuses.

So my ideas on this are:

1) Limit number of units responding without supervisor

Maybe limit it to 2-3 units deployed to a specific call unless a sergeant is assigned. And maybe 5 units unless a lieutenant assigned. If no hard limit then when you assign 3 or more units to a call there should be a 'organisation penalty' applied as the officers are less able to co-ordinate on scene - worse with inexperienced officers.

2) Penalty for inexperienced officers on own/together

A new Officer I should receive a stat penalty, or be at higher risk of making mistakes if on their own, or with another Officer I - pairing with Officer II/III or a sergeant stops this penalty.

3) Deployment of special resources

To be able to deploy bomb squad, SWAT, or other specialised units at minimum a sergeant (possibly lieutenant) should be assigned to call.

4) Task forces/major crime

Major crimes that require detectives/special resources (not just burglary/assault etc. - things like gang problems, serious drug trafficking, multiple murder etc.) should require a senior officer appointed head of the investigation/task force - for major crimes possibly a lieutenant or captain. The officer appointed provides skill bonuses to other officers assigned to the task force/group and their own management skill affects speed of work, and public opinion of the police (giving interviews etc.)

5) Spotting mistakes/corruption/morale

(see my other post about morale) supervisory officers (sergeant+) depending on their management skill should be able to spot officers with low morale, potentially corrupt officers, and officers making mistakes and flag these for your attention.

Officer Morale

The police are human as well, and often officer morale/mental wellbeing is a significant issue for real police departments.

Officers should have a morale value - however I would consider not showing it, real people don't walk around with "i'm 60/100 happy" above their heads (maybe have this for 'easy' mode. Instead as an officer's morale drops there should be several things that can happen:

-Higher chance of calling in sick/missing shifts.
-Penalty to other stats.
-Slower returning to patrol after admin/processing arrests.
-Pay rise demands.
-Higher risk of mistakes or corruption.
-Leaving the department.

Supervisory officers (sergeant/lieutenant above) may spot an officer with low morale and alert you.

Things that could affect morale:

+Arresting a criminal.
+Finding key evidence.
+Solving a case.
+Pay rise.
+Positive city/mayor opinion of department.
+Holiday/paid time off.

-Making a mistake.
-Low city/mayor opinion of department.
-Criminal escapes.
-Injured in the line of duty.
-Colleague injured/killed in line of duty.
-Inexperienced officer on own or paired with other inexeperienced officers.
-Long period of time with no time off.

So yes for easy mode maybe put it as an actual stat, but for harder modes it would be cool if you had to observe your department more closely, and rely on appointing sergeants/lieutenants/other officers to help monitor it.