Random pedestrian criminals

Random pedestrians that can randomly be stopped - Ask for ID - Search etc, some may have an outstanding warrant, carrying drugs etc. Would be a nice addition for an extra element of gameplay

give community access to your editor like in emergency 4

this game has so much potential im sure if you relased a editor like in emergency 4 game the community would be able to create there own maps and vehilces as full mods all you would need to do is implement more vairous call types and leave the rest to the community to pick up and create further on. just create a quick guide on how to do certain things like code the specific call ie frequency or how to add to locations and pathfind with the roads and access to the models your already using ie the houses or shopping malls. and it will really take off this game. have a quick look at EM4 mods online and youll be amased what the comminity for these type of genre games would do!!!

Not funny

No indication from the start of the game. It is unattractive and very unpleasant.

Hum.. not sure

No indication from the start of the game. It is untractive and very unpleasant.

Vehicles and Officer Morral

In the real world, cities that buy cars often choose what options they would like to have on that car, Such as cruise control, power seat and pedals. I think this should be factored into the game at an addtl. cost as it is in the real world and have some kind of impact on officer comfort for having no options or having options that can make there life comfortable or miserable and can build tention and perhaps the officer will leave the department. Kind of like a morral struture. Of course the only thing that would change to the vehicles is the added/removed options and a morral struture based off a number of factors, such as, number of officers in a department, different departments causing jursticion drama, crime. etc.

Multiple unit response

Right now, it seems as soon as all the jobs on a call are taken, other units stop responding. It would be cool if we were able to flood the area with units (in like a crowd situation) and have all the units arrive. Maybe not necessarily have something to do, but be there for support.

pick a city

We could select on a map the city we want to play but select through reallife.

Building interiors

Hello please make interiors of the house where can be kidnappers or robbers and you must negotiate with them

Code 1/ 2 /3 Choice

Players get to choose what response code the units attend incidents at i.e. code 1 regular traffic speed no lights, code 2 faster than normal speed no lights or sirens, code 3 fastest with lights and sirens. Too much unnecessary use of code 3 has a negative impact on community.

UI .25

Reverting back to .25 ui as i found it more easy to navigate between and there was better description of the callouts and what units you had responding as it had more of a better feel to the game, compared to the current ui in .27