Time cycles

Both day/night and winter/spring/summer/autumn would be great. Also it could bring changes in the frequency of certain calls like more violent crimes during night, more alcohol and drugs during summer etc.


Not sure I someone already suggested this I'm new here so sorry for that. Anyway since you can already rename your officers and customize their clothes maybe it would make some people (and me) happy if you could customize your officer's personal features. Like one guy could make a department full of old school hardboiled officers with gray hair and handlebar mustaches and other all female department etc.

Mac OS

please make Mac/ OS version


if you could call on help from different counties if you where short on officers

more services

even if you couldn't control them it would be cool if you could call on an ambulance or fire engine, then again haven't been able to play the game so I don't know if its in the game or if its been planned

K9 cages

The K9 cage should come in a variant that only takes up 1 interior space, like you see in the real world.

This would be useful in order to put sufficient amount of equipment in K9 units.

In-depth customization options

Having a lot of customization to vehicles would be a great touch to the game, and one that many games lack. This would be things such as more lightbars (E.g. Valor), side-step lights (E.g. LED lightstrip or three lights under the door) and generally a lot of visual customization. Another thing that is already in the game, but in my opinion needs a little work is the stickers/paint jobs. Being able to snap the letters at a certain angle would help while making a vehicle. Adding singular letters and numbers would allow us to add our own little touches to the vehicles, such as creating custom units that don't exist in real life or make interesting details on vehicles.

Various proposals

First of all, excuse my English. My mother tongue is Spanish, having said that I propose the following: -Creation at the beginning of the game of a logo / emblem of your police unit that can then choose where to place in the car. -The existence of having unlimited units is maintained. -Special events, such as a concert, a week of betting in the casino with the highest crime, etc. - Escort missions, for example, the mayor or the president visit the city and their units must avoid assassinations or riots. Their units will accompany the President's convoy. -Terrorist attacks, car bombs, bombs in shopping malls, terrorists who use a knife against people, etc. -Special units: anti-drug unit, anti-terrorist unit, swat unit, etc. -A port. Where there is drug trafficking, conflicts, in. -An airport. Where there are attacks, conflicts, etc. Thank you very much for your time. I hope they are taken into account.

More random events or festivals

later jobs could include like town events like different things such as carnivals and more town festivals so you'd have to send officers to do checks and make sure that nothing "bad" happens. like weapons or drugs. also keep peace meaning making sure the ones that had a little to much to drink don't start to much trouble.

County Sheriff

In most counties in the United States the Sheriff is elected (Counties like Los Angeles and Clark) the Sheriff is elected by the citizens so some type of election process for county elections would be neat and it'd tie in to the current government relations system.