Road Spikes

Similar to Road blocks, but where you can set up a Police unit further up the road to set out a stinger to puncture a cars tires bringing pursuits to an end quicker. Can also have a chance of the cars tires getting punctured.

Pursuit Package

Would be nice and realistic, if you where able to install a "Pursuit package" in your patrol cars. Which of course would increase your patrolcars performance when it comes to acceleration, top speed and handling.


wanted to know when we will have captains lieutenant sergeant

Speed Monitoring

The ability to setup speed traps allowing police to monitor high speeding areas to minimize speeding in those areas.

Time cycles

Both day/night and winter/spring/summer/autumn would be great. Also it could bring changes in the frequency of certain calls like more violent crimes during night, more alcohol and drugs during summer etc.


Not sure I someone already suggested this I'm new here so sorry for that. Anyway since you can already rename your officers and customize their clothes maybe it would make some people (and me) happy if you could customize your officer's personal features. Like one guy could make a department full of old school hardboiled officers with gray hair and handlebar mustaches and other all female department etc.

Mac OS

please make Mac/ OS version


if you could call on help from different counties if you where short on officers

more services

even if you couldn't control them it would be cool if you could call on an ambulance or fire engine, then again haven't been able to play the game so I don't know if its in the game or if its been planned

K9 cages

The K9 cage should come in a variant that only takes up 1 interior space, like you see in the real world.

This would be useful in order to put sufficient amount of equipment in K9 units.