delete units and change their uniform after they join

Xbox/Playstation Future?

Can there ever be a game preview for Xbox one or play station consoles? It would be great. Since may people don't have super powerful pc's

Chain of Command, etc. (Freeplay and campaign)

Those police officers in a position or higher ones where they can command an officer or group of officers can also make decisions to handle cases by themselves where for example these ai's can choose their method or strategy to handle the crime like negotiations, perimeter positioning and how many officers they need (where they should send a notification to your HQ requesting a number of officers) and type of officers they need (swat, highway police, military, etc.) Depending on case level. Yeah you should also put case difficulty if easy, normal, hard (code red, code blue, code 1, 10-4)

and some cutscenes probably in campaigns for cases.

And officers who abuses power, double agents, or works/do favors/trades info for the mafia, syndicate, bad people. (there should be a notification of detectives having hunch that a certain police officer is fishy or suspicious)

Edit Officers after hiring

After you hired an officer it would be nice to still edit them. Uniform, name,etc

Police Equipment

Police able to have battering rams/tazers/flash bangs/smoke grenades/Spike Strips

Suggestions for riot/demonstrations

Hooligans: that wants to / or tries to find other holigans to fight with, may turn there aggressions towards the police.
Sometimes they also just wants to hang out and drink beer.
Black bloc: a tactic used in demonstrations where the protesters are more aggressive. Some or all protesters wheres black clothing, some got improvised shields, some got helmets on, some might have clubs, bottles and stones can be hurled at the police, molotovcocktails are also used. Lastly a banner will be carried at the front of the demonstraion.
Union people: usually a peacefull demonstration, but some protesters can turn violent.
Criminal gangs: looting and destroying an area, usually a poorer area where they live. They want to fight the police too, often disguised, and sometimes throws or fires fireworks at the police, stones are also used, in rare occasions firearms are also used against the police.

Handling Criminals after capture

My idea includes adding a Prison (just a building near or far from the police station) where the cought criminals must or can be escorted. It depends on how the community and developer wants it to be an option or a standard behavior.

From there the criminals could get a trial and be sentenced to social work, imprisonment or dead. I personally would be satisfied enough for now by just a text that shows up and says what punishment the criminal got and how long it takes or if he was innocent and lives now "a life of freedom".

For later you could implement an interaction window for the prison director with legal and illegal decisions for example the player could choose to try getting a prisoner out or get someone a special treatment(good or a bad one).

Another more bigger feature could be the possibility for prisoners (awaiting the trial or prisoners being unhappy with the trial they had) to escape, so you have to catch them with maybe differnt options to approach.

In the prison could also start a riot and the local police has to help out. Again with decisions like in the v0.16 Update for example the officers request more Backup or the player gives order to rush the building, [More options here].

You set all your officers on patrol and one officer wants to stop a vehicle and its becomeing a pursuit (Nothing new by now). Lets say one of your officer dies by trying to catch the suspect(it was your favorite) but another officer cought him. He takes him to prison. A few days or weeks later (Ingame time) he gets his trial. The court say the criminal is guilty and has to stay 10 years in prison for killing an officer. But the player liked the dead officer and wants more revenge. So you open up the menu to talk to the dirctor and the player says he wants that the prisoner gets less food and gets permanent solitary. For that favor the director wants that the player get him a free pass. Posted on behalf of Loewenich.

Callouts workflow decision tree.

A given workflow should have "pauses" where the investigating officer calls for your attention. A decision tree.

I think that officers should be largely autonomous, but you are able to make strategic decisions.

For instance:

Traffic stop.
* The car pulls over.
If you as a player do nothing, the officer will approach the vehicle, but you also have buttons to "Take cover", "At gunpoint", "Wait for backup". You also have slots for assigning other units to have roles in this callout ("Backup", "Investigation", "Supervisor") that you can assign units to. If you press "wait for backup", then the officer will maintain monitoring the vehicle and if you do not assign other unit as backup, will call for backup.

The overall idea is that the officer will solve the case, but you can make adjustments and spend resources to aim for an even better execution and citizen/officer safety.

Patrol areas should overlap

Currently, a given residence/building is color coded to belong to a single patrol. I don't think that is how you want to do it.
You plan out patrols to create patrol routes for your officers and emphasis on areas.
It is a bit weird now because buildings are either in one patrol or another patrol.
I think patrols should emphasize road instead of building. So that you create loops/paths for your officers and they are assumed to keep an eye on buildings as they do so. Maybe you can have roads AND points-of-interest.
But the current implementation that the buildings in a street shared between two patrols must belong to either one or the other patrol doesn't make sense.
As the game progresses, I think a common tool will be to put hot areas in the border between two patrols so that both patrols will create an emphasis on that area. IE, they will SHARE an area.


Roadblocks and checkpoints please as well as spike strips, maybe different road types such as gravel and dirt and worn down ones. Also people/gangs smuggling people, drugs and weapons. And cars on the road please. oh, please stop call outs from spawning on each other if you take to long to fix there problems as the officers deployed on the last one end up being stuck in place