Map Changing

I suggest that you guys could implement a feature that allows you to alter the map to a small town a medium city and a large city at minimum Possibly or custom cities so that scenarios can be shared on the web for Something like NYC or Detroit.


Probably/hopefully already planned, but I want to mention it anyway.

I think that it is very important that the animations in the game are widespread and detailed.

Some examples:
Doors being open and closed, both in buildings and on cars.
Doors/trunk being opened when equipment from the vehicles are needed.
Officers actually talking together (advising each other) when on a crimescene.
Officers talking to civilians when doing community policing and responding to crimescenes.
Officers clearly giving commands to civilians and suspects.
Officers buying and eating meals when on break.
Officers noticing what is going on around him or her, looking around (maybe for clues or suspects).
Officers not just stands still, but moves around when out of the car, to make the characters more life like, this is very important to make the game more life like and realistic.
This is also very important when it comes to the civilians. Alot of different civilians in all ages, multiple colours and different clothing. Walking, driving and bicycling around the map, talking to eachother, going into buildings, working in shops etc.
This is some examples, and of course there are many more.
I know that it is alot to ask, but I think that it is so important so that the game feels life like and realistic.

Make it possible to change the front and back of the lightbar separately

I wish for you to be able to change the front of the lightbar with one pattern and the back with another for example having traffic advisers in the back and something different in the front.

Chief player

I made this idea long ago during the very beginning on KTP. I think there should be a chief character that we can have attend the scenes of very horrible situations. For example you will see countless times of chiefs responding to the aftermath of a officer involved shooting. I think it would be interesting to have the chief himself respond to the scene. It could boost morale of officers on the scene and possibly have some other perks as well.

Saving Games

If we already started the prototype and we have already built our police force and we wanted to save our force, so there is a "Save" button.


Include a tutorial and a sample scenario because I just started the game and I have no idea what is happening, and how anything works.

Satellite police stations

When policing a city or larger town. the option to build satellite police stations would be a great thing, so that you could have more local units around the city. Maybe it would also have an influence on the community you are policing.

Equipment for vehicles/officers at the police station

It would be very nice and very practical/economic, if you where able to store equipment at the police station, so that you can use your vehicles for multiple roles, by changing the equipment inside them. I think this is done by the police in real life aswell.

Also officers should be able to change there tactical gear at the police station, if they dont have the proper tactical gear with them.
Also just like in real life.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The inclusion of drone aircraft, and drone pilot training for officers, would provide a realistic, affordable and relevant alternative to traditional aircraft. Drones could be utilized to see potentially armed suspects while keeping officers out of the line of fire, monitor perimeters and crowds, and view large areas to locate fleeing suspects or missing persons. Various models with unique ranges, flight times and features could also be made available to suit jurisdiction areas and budgets.