Use CloundFront CDN for downloads

Directly linking to S3 objects isn't very performant, it's trivial in complexity and price to distribute with CDN like CloudFront


It would be coll if the maps had normal traffic, OH! what about getaway vehicles, what if the police shoot at the car in a high-speed chase .

UK gamemode

Have a option on what game mode you want to play for example have USA and United Kingdom as two options where on the UK game mode all officers are unarmed and only firearms officers can have a gun and have more knife crime call outs instead of shoot outs for the uk game mode.

Campaign Mode

Like a story mode about your background and how you became chief of police and that in the game you have to buy units and deal with calls in days like it would say

adding different departments

such as homicide robbery, arson

Traffic stops / cop cars

Possibly if you guys aren't already planning on it add a DUI pull overs or even set up seat belt check points. And in some of the stops the cops find drugs in the car after testing the AI civ for intoxication or being high. And on to the cars. the crown Vick. a police truck (no specific type just a truck). Or even a Tahoe.

Stacking calls

So in the real world, officers/units assigned to a low priority assignment (e.g. minor traffic stop, automatic alarms, FD traffic control, etc.) which is expected to be finished relatively quickly, often have additional calls "stacked" on their screens, so when they finish their assignment they automatically respond to the next one. Often officers can be given three or four low or very low priority assignments (ex parking conditions) to complete in order, as they clear each one. I think adding a system like this to the game, where multiple jobs can be assigned to a unit and they would automatically complete them in the order of which they were received, would add realism to the game. In the event a minor incident randomly develops into a major one, the pending assignments would get sent back to the pool for you to reassign.


Dispatch to unit radio chatter.

Mobile version

A mobile version ,I think, would be great. It would have to be cut down (less units and stuff) but it could be a good idea. It could be like 911 operator. A (better) version on pc and a (slightly worse) version on mobile

Dynamic Vehicle Speed

Might fall under AI Traffic improvements.
Police vehicles that are responding to calls would be noticeably faster while patrolling police vehicles would decrease in speed, according to what "Speed Zone" they're in. What I mean by "Speed Zones" is: Vehicles could travel faster on High/Freeways but would slow down in residential areas. (both patrolling and responding police vehicles + AI Traffic)