2) Bureaucracy

4 years agoopen2

Want to turn a blind eye? Want to get stuff done? Want to veto decisions? Want to unlock tasers? Want to unlock assault rifles? Want to authorize assault rifles on regular officers? Want to crackdown gangs? Want to crackdown drugs? Ask your Lieutenant (or for realistic reasons, your Deputy/Assistant Chiefs) to do the paperwork for you.

There should be a tree of bureaucracy. Initially, you can unlock SWAT, unlock customizable vehicles, unlock training, unlock field training officer role and unlock tasers.

Then on next level you should be able to unlock shotguns, spike trips, some small form of roadblocks and promotions Officers to Sgt.

On next level: Assault rifles (SWAT), crackdown gangs, detectives bureau, SWAT.

And so on. I need to know what we have before suggesting more lol.

A bureaucracy should cost either money or your department’s reputation. I am not sure but bureaucracy, aside from taking long time (depending what you trying to unlock) should cost something. You can unlock as many stuff as you want long as you got people to do that (at the expense of the wage cos Chiefs will kill your budget..)

Once an unlock is finished, you are then given a paper of statement (the statement can be just lined, no need to actually type English lol), your chief’s signature and your signature (indicating you approved the research).