Allowing Simulations in the Full Version

3 years agoopen0

Playing the game by the rules is fun and challenging. Of course, in the final version, I’m sure many of us would like to run various “what-if” scenarios without worrying about some of the dynamic gamplay mechanics.

Say I wanted to run a different scenarios on burglaries, or riot control, in the full version. I’d like to see the outcome using different tactics and levels of force. That would require me to be able to spawn an incident and handle it however I see fit, while using some sort of console command feature to keep finances and politics under control, much like what you have right now with the debug tool.

I hope that, in the full version, you at least maintain the option to use the debug tool so, when players want to get creative in how they handle incidents, they don’t have to spend time building up political clout and a stable department budget before doing so.