Assigning tasks to units

3 years agoopen0

As sort of an extension to the “patrol” concept it could be an interesting gameplay system to have units assigned to task categories within their specialization could drive both their idle action (where and how they execute their patrol zone) and who is the “closest unit” based on call type.

Example: Maybe within the patrol division we have “Standard Patrol”, “Traffic”, “Supervisor” and “Community Outreach” tasks. A unit assigned to “Traffic” would spend more time on the highways than a standard patrol unit would, and initiate a higher proportion of traffic stops. A standard patrol unit might ignore a group of loiterers or a broken down car, but a “community outreach” unit would stop at many of these “non-emergency” situations to increase officer visibility. If a shoplifting call comes in the “assign closest unit” might ignore traffic units, unless nobody else is available in the patrol area. Units assigned as “Supervisor” might not initiate any traffic stops, but will automatically attach themselves as backup to the most serious active incident.

You could imagine a similar (or somewhat different) system for detectives. Maybe I want to play LAPD style and have a dedicated “Robbery & Homicide” unit. Maybe I’m a Dick Wolf fan and want “Special Victims” and “Major Cases” units.