Callouts workflow decision tree.

3 years agoopen0

A given workflow should have “pauses” where the investigating officer calls for your attention. A decision tree.

I think that officers should be largely autonomous, but you are able to make strategic decisions.

For instance:

Traffic stop.
* The car pulls over.
If you as a player do nothing, the officer will approach the vehicle, but you also have buttons to “Take cover”, “At gunpoint”, “Wait for backup”. You also have slots for assigning other units to have roles in this callout (“Backup”, “Investigation”, “Supervisor”) that you can assign units to. If you press “wait for backup”, then the officer will maintain monitoring the vehicle and if you do not assign other unit as backup, will call for backup.

The overall idea is that the officer will solve the case, but you can make adjustments and spend resources to aim for an even better execution and citizen/officer safety.