Constitutionally Questionable Tactics

3 years agoopen0

Allow the player to decide a protocol “policy” for their officers when dealing with suspects. These policies will have an upside of expediting procedures while also incurring governmental and community resources.
For instance, one may elect to have either stringent or lax causes for “search and seizure”. In the stringent case officer must need to see say drugs in plain view or bring a K-9 unit to sniff (both expensive requiring specialized assets and time-consuming tying up your resources). In the lax case officers can conduct a search off a weak assumption like they “smelled marijuana” (this would be quicker and require less specialized assets to get proper cause for search). However, these laxer policies will be legally questionable and require you to spend more community and governmental points to uphold the questionable conduct. The policies chosen sum up to create a positive/negative governmental and community and will affect the behavior of the officers responding to events.