Customizable Radio Codes

4 years agoopen0

I think it’d be a nice idea to be able to customize your department’s radio codes in the game – maybe have each 10 code be able to correlate to a crime (with the exception of 10-4 – I don’t think there is any department which doesn’t use 10-4 as an acknowledgement) so for example if you designate something as the 10-code for ‘shots fired’ if there’s a shots fired incident it’d be displayed as said 10-code. Would be nice if you could also have the officers in-game say the 10-codes as well if there is one for what they’re doing – for example, if 10-32s means ‘need additional officers’ then if the officer gets in a gunfight they’d say something along the lines of ‘[Callsign], need 10-32s, [location for scenario maps]’. Whilst this isn’t the easiest thing to do I think it’d be a nice touch to KTP with it’s planned realistic style Police Simulator.