Day/night and weekday cycle

3 years agoopen0

Having day and night in the game, would make the game more realistic, more diverse and more fun.
Police assignments are also different in the daytime than in nighttime. Usually with more crime when it gets darker.

Weekday cyclusses should also be included, from quiet mondays to busy fridays and saturdays, with visible more people out on the streets in the afternoon and nighttime. Which could lead to drinking, drugabuse and fistfights. It would also be really cool, if when you zoom in(or maybe enter,with your officers) at nightclubs and bars, you would actually be able to hear music coming from them.

I think that it is utmost important, that the town/city that you prptect has “life”, making the game more realistic, making the city and the citizens that you protect worth something. So that you feel like it is a real person you help.

Creating an “atmosphere” in-game with different types of persons, buildings, roads, vehicles, unique places from simple alleyways to city squares are VERY important, so you get “that feeling”…

Hope that it makes sence, and like if you agree.