Department Assistance

4 years agoopen5

The ability to call assistance from the Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services.

Suspects/Victims may need to get medical aid as result of a shooting, pursuit or other causes, allowing your officers on the ground to call an ambulance/fire truck to the scene to get them treated. I’m not suggesting that the player gets to control these units, more of an atmospheric action in which you can see it all happen and you must wait as you would IRL.

In addition, this can add random events for patrols, coming across car accidents, people with injuries of unknown causes, house fires that have not yet been reported.

I’m sure there could be many applications for these services and how they can interact with our units.

This is very much open for discussion and other people’s thoughts as well as your input on the idea. It may very well be on the board for the Devs however we might be able to expand on the possibilities.