DUI Process / Processing

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In other games(Police Enforcer, LSPDFR) we see DUI’s treated as very simple. Bring out the Breathalyzer(PBT) and check BrAC% if its over the limit, jail.

In this game because its in reality a manager of units already on the streets, I would like to see something a little more from the DUI Process.

It would be huge if you could actually incorporate SFST’s or atleast the clues. If its a matter of how these are incorporated on screen it could be a matter of small text/progress bar.

Traffic Stop Conducted
Officer Observes Sign of impairment (Odor of Alcohol, poor dexterity, bloodshot and watery eyes)
Officer Asks if driver would be willing to perform series of tests.

SFST’s progress shown in small text screen with clues presented by Suspect.

HGN 4/6 points – arrest
WAT 2/8 points – arrest
OLS 2/4 points – arrest

Officer Asks for PBT (Can be refused or accepted) This is not basis for an arrest.

Based on the clues and observed signs of impairment (arrest / no arrest)

Bring Suspect back to station for DUI Processing (DataMaster Instrument)

Breath Test can again be refused (Additional Charge)

Depending on arrest (Alcohol DUI / Drug DUI):
Blood draw with Search warrant etc…

NHTSA standards are not hard to find and SFST’s in general are not a complicated process. I think in terms of implementation, it would have to go into some sort of algorithm based on SFST clues and the percentage of BrAC allocated to them.