Dynamic Economy/Politics

4 years agoopen0

I’d love to see political and economic forces affect the way you police your jurisdiction. As examples: Maybe police brutality is becoming a hot-button issue and an independent commission is established with the power to sanction officers who break certain rules. You might be less aggressive in certain situations or face less public trust and even have experienced officers be removed from your department. Or you might implement community policing practices and educate the community on why aggressive tactics are sometimes necessary while providing some transparency to assuage their concerns; it’s possible your efforts might even lead to the commission being abolished. A recession might cause a spike in property crime and at the same time tighten the purse strings forcing you to fight more crime with fewer resources. You might combat this by focusing on traffic/parking enforcement but this could make the overall situation worse. A new chief executive/mayor/etc. is appointed/elected for the jurisdiction and offers a lot of additional funding. Great, you say. But it comes with strings attached. Perhaps limits on how the money is used, perhaps changes to what crimes you prioritize enforcement. Corruption: you could investigate government corruption but that might cause officials under investigation to choke funding for your department. Etc.