Fluid and Dynamic Traffic Stops

4 years agoopen3

What I’d love to see implemented in this game is the ability for a traffic stop to be replicated realistically, so more fluidly and dynamically then say what LSPDFR has done for their mod. And what I mean by that is, the way Officers/Constables deal with a traffic stop should depend on their experience, training, etc. but it should influence the overall stop. So a more aggressive constable will cause the situation to be more tense than it should be… Or maybe, a softer constable approaches the situation with too much tact and a situation arises where the panic button is pressed. Or a rookie cop pulls over a well-connected city official whom wishes to get out of a ticket or charge by any means possible and gets into a headbutting contest with the rookie and a negative press situation arises. And you as Police Chief would need to find a way to react to these out of the ordinary stops which attract attention. (Suspensions, Job Losses, Commendations. Etc.) This way it would remove the overall arbitrariness of an analytic traffic stop, and by that I mean traffic stops become what they truly are, a more chaotic and human incident.