4 years agoopen4

If you negliglent an area too much (ie. Crime rate is way too high and the visibility is low) then the chance of a gang to be formed should increase (you shouldnt be informed of that unless you got detectives unlocked and/or hired snitches).

Once the progression goes 100%, you are then informed by a random officer that they heard gunshots, victims of drug abuse, extortion, etc coming from only an area: The area you was negliglent of.

Officers (Particularly Officers I and Officers II) will now refuse to patrol in that area unless if they are equipped with shotgun or assault rifle (if the danger in that area has progressed too much from civilian/officer deaths) or a supervisor is doing an area supervision there.

But there can be a chance a Sergeant may refuse to go there after some time if you fail to assign an another patrol car. You are essentially doomed at that point.

Now, there are two choices which both can affect the department reputation and may incite protests. SWAT patrols (Can damage reputation slowly overtime if overused) or get Detectives to work on it. SWAT patrols boosts confidence on officers and you can now assign any officer there.

Lone officers are at particular risk when they are in gang infested areas. They have higher chance to get shot and killed (especially if they are in traffic stop or just patrolling). Pursuing units on suspect’s cars unrelated to the gang should never get shot, after all it’s not worth to bring all the heat on you for no reason. Partnered units still can get shot but that would be unlikely. They should also unlikely to a great extend to get shot if they are equipped with a shotgun or an assault rifle.

I will post more about this once this idea is actually implemented.