Major crimes/task forces

3 years agoopen1

So currently we have small crimes. Over time it would be good to see more ongoing/major crimes.

E.g. gang activity, organised drug trafficking, extortion, serial killers
These serious/persistent offences should cause incidents to pop up as normal, but if you or a senior officer notice a pattern you can link incidents together.

Once 2+ incidents are linked together it can either go to normal detectives to work out (for less serious crimes e.g. repeated burglary) or if it’s many incidents/serious incidents you should get the option to set up a task force.

This task force has to be headed up by a senior officer (rank depending on severity maybe) and additional officers/resources can be assigned to it.
Over time and depending on what evidence they find it should generate leads to the suspects/actual organisers of these crimes.

Once you have enough evidence and identified key suspects you can then organise raids to arrest suspects and shut down the major crime.

Long running unsolved major crimes could seriously damage city/mayor opinion possibly.