Map suggestions

3 years agoopen0

People walking the streets.
Cars on the streets and parked.
Once in a while a motorcycle, maybe even a MC gang.
Occasionally a bicycle.
Small “dark” alleyways.
Different types of pavements/roads.
Gas stations which are used.
People going into and leaving cars.
Cars going different speeds.
Cabs which picks up people and dropping them off.
Relatively many different cars and colours – though should be realistic colours, not to crazy.
Same goes for people.
Busses and trains which picks up people and dropping them off.
Garbage trucks which picks up garbage.
Hikers walking in forest areas.
Animals like dogs, deers, bears, cows, sheeps, horses where it makes sence.
People stopping on the streets and starts talking.
Woman, men, children and old folks.
Cargo trucks with logos on (if the city/town got a name, maybe that name could be involved in the logo, to make the atmosphere more realistic).
People going into and leaving buildings.
At night time the activity level of all shouldt decrease and crimerate should increase, just like in real life.
Of course people should wear different clothe in summer and Winter time.
Maybe the cars should be different in different areas, so if you have a wealthy area, cars should look more expensive than in lesser wealthy areas.