Motorcycle unit/ Outfit/ Training

4 years agoopen4

I would like for this to be added. A motorcycle unit would make a difference in your fleet of officers. Here is an example: You have a foot pursuit and the suspect goes down an alleyway that normal patrol car officers can’t fit through. The motorcycle unit could change that, they will be able to go down the alleyway with their motorcycle to catch the suspect. They would be able to fit through tight spaces (alleyways) to catch the suspect. Their outfit would include: Bright neon POLICE traffic vest, white motorcycle unit helmet, basic officer uniform, and their duty belt. They would not be able to carry any long rifles, only their issued firearm. Now, let’s get on to training, training would include: acessive maneuvering abilities, be able to for through tight spaces, and basic patrol car officer training (Pushups, cardio, discipline, firearms’ training, etc). I hope you will make this idea a thing in the final game.