Officer Morale

3 years agoopen1

The police are human as well, and often officer morale/mental wellbeing is a significant issue for real police departments.

Officers should have a morale value – however I would consider not showing it, real people don’t walk around with “i’m 60/100 happy” above their heads (maybe have this for ‘easy’ mode. Instead as an officer’s morale drops there should be several things that can happen:

-Higher chance of calling in sick/missing shifts.
-Penalty to other stats.
-Slower returning to patrol after admin/processing arrests.
-Pay rise demands.
-Higher risk of mistakes or corruption.
-Leaving the department.

Supervisory officers (sergeant/lieutenant above) may spot an officer with low morale and alert you.

Things that could affect morale:

+Arresting a criminal.
+Finding key evidence.
+Solving a case.
+Pay rise.
+Positive city/mayor opinion of department.
+Holiday/paid time off.

-Making a mistake.
-Low city/mayor opinion of department.
-Criminal escapes.
-Injured in the line of duty.
-Colleague injured/killed in line of duty.
-Inexperienced officer on own or paired with other inexeperienced officers.
-Long period of time with no time off.

So yes for easy mode maybe put it as an actual stat, but for harder modes it would be cool if you had to observe your department more closely, and rely on appointing sergeants/lieutenants/other officers to help monitor it.