Officers stress and Psychology

3 years agoopen0

Its a sad and brutal world out there. No matter how much training you give to your LEOs, they are still humans with emotions and weaknesses. During their career they will come across a traumatic scene or stressful situations, if not treated properly your LEOs may be prone to health issues that will affect how they perform. This could affect the moral depending on the situation the officer was in. One officer may become a heavy drinker to cope with the stress and may come to work drunk. Another officer may have a mental breakdown during patrol or worst. Some events or actions may raise or lower moral and stress. The player should get a notification if an officer is having stress problems, either from a supervisor or an in game message. The player would have multiple options on how to help that officer. Heres what I came up Send the LEO to see a Psychologist. Send the LEO on payed vacation. Send a supervisor to help the LEO. Each of these options has their ups and downs, they may succeed or fail. Come up with something else? Please write it down. Thank you for reading my very first suggestion for KTP. Have a good day!