Police Academy

3 years agoopen0

I’ve seen one example of this mentioned but ‘Deadnoise’ and I were discussing this on Discord so I thought I should make a more detailed suggestion.

There should be an academy (on the map) which could act as a place where you get your recruits from rather than just hiring them from a menu, e.g. you have certain points throughout the game where you’ll get like an alert saying that this years (or months) candidates have finished training and you can go in and hire some. And then have the option to put some through for extra training like the ability to use weaponry such as automatic rifles or snipers or maybe the K9 Unit, or becoming a Detective etc?

This would also be the place you would send recruits and officers to receive their promotional training or to become SWAT etc. For example, let’s say an officer receives a promotion to a much higher position one that requires extensive knowledge in a specific field e.g. tactics (maybe a SWAT leader) this would be were you’d send them to train instead of them just disappearing to train somewhere.

This training should also carry risks as it would in the real world. Some of the courses (especially the SWAT course) should have the risk of mentally or physically breaking the officer.

Another point is that you (the chief of police) should have some form of inbox were you can receive emails from the government (when that system is fully fleshed out) and emails from officers who would like you to put them forward for certain courses, you then have the ability to analyse their stats and decide if the risk is worth it and if they are strong enough to get through the course.