Police sign ups/academy

3 years agoopen0

The title doesn’t give any justice for what my idea states. My whole idea was having to where in real police forces you can issue a time where people want to enroll in your police academy, it will show a list of hopefuls who passed the exam (which the list can be updated every 6 or 12 months). Also, this will variate by how you run your force. In further explanation, If the city doesn’t have faith in your department and don’t trust you…then there will be low turnouts for the ones who passed the exam to go to the academy. You will then choose the ones who have the best stats and personality traits. Depending on the certain openings on your force, you can hire a certain amount and send a whole group or a couple to the police academy where they can learn new traits and improve their stats and graduate to your force as rookies.

For this idea I mean ill be happy if half of it is implemented or the idea is there but portrayed in a different fashion. Its extra and it can also add to the feel of managing a real police force. That’s if everyone likes the idea of micromanaging like I. I believe this game can actually fulfill my dreams of playing a police force management type game!