Ranks and Promotions

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Officer I (Rookie – No icon)
Officer II (Passed Probationary period – Experienced/Inexperienced – No icon)
Officer III (Experienced – Two chevrons facing upwards – Field Training Officer)
Officer III+I (Experienced – Sgt applicant – Two chevrons facing upwards with a star)
Sergeant (Experienced – Supervisor – Can affect nearby officers morale – Three chevrons facing upwards)
Staff Sergeant (Like above with more effect – Three chevrons facing upwards with a star)
Lieutenant (Gold badge – Huge effect – Rarely to be seen on patrol unless truly required such as area supervision, barricaded suspect situation, supervisory request, etc)
The rest ranks up to you.

Officer I to Officer II should be done automatically without requiring your attention unless it’s necessary (Such as, the officer did something bad or sort of).

Officer II to Officer III shouldnt require your attention and is done automatically unless if he done something bad.

Officer III to Officer III+I should require your attention. It should give you a DETAILED list what they did so far in the department and then you are given two options: Grant Sergeant exam or not? If not, they stay as Officer III but may lose morale if the reason is not justified. If granted, they get promoted to Officer III+I.

Officer III+I to Sergeant should happen randomly. It may happen early or longer after. You are then asked how they performed on their exam long with their personnel file (if they did miscoduct, etc). The instructor will state that they passed/failed their exam. If failed, they are demoted to Officer III and lose morale. You can veto the decision and promote him but this will damage the reputation.

Anyway, promoting shouldnt be done like.. piece of cake.

While Field Staff (Officers) would be relative cheap, Supervisory staff would be the most expensive rank to afford because they have more pros than cons (aside from wage increase). Namely, experience, effect on officers (Positive), etc.