Some Ideas

4 years agoopen0

1. To help speed up development, why don’t ya’ll let the community develop elements to the game. The people wouldn’t do this to get paid but would do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

2. In my opinion I think something that would make this game great is a really in depth vehicle and character customization system. And make it to where the player doesn’t have access to the cool stuff(fancy light bars, cool sirens, cool officer gear) at the beginning of the game but in stead has to earn money or points in some way to unlock the aesthetics.

3. It would be cool to see a dialog system be implemented into the game. Not with voices but just with text boxes. Example: If an officer is doing a traffic stop, the player has the option to focus on the scene and watch the conversation between the officer and the person.

4.A good progression system would be nice and make the game “re-playable.” This ties into #2. Make it to where the player has to unlock stuff. Maybe have it to where the player can only unlock certain types of units, vehicles, and equipment by ranking up. And then after they rank up, they have to have enough money to buy the things they unlocked. Example: In the game City Skylines, you can only access types of buildings, roads, and attractions by having a big enough population. This is a weird example but it explains what i mean.

5. Have it to where the game gets more difficult as the player ranks up. This would tie into the progression system. It would give the player another motive to want to rank up. Example: Say that the player is level 5. They have a basic force but nothing fancy. Make it to where they can only get small “events,” like traffic stops, high speed chases, and convenience store robberies. But then when they get to level 25(Or whatever the upper level will be) and they have big boy assets, they can get events like bank robberies, swat takedowns, shootouts, etc..

Make it to where the player will not want stop playing.