Uniform customization

3 years agoopen0

Something that ive talked about on the KTP Discord. Allowing the player to creat custom uniforms for his/hers LEOs. Its unclear at the moment how deep the customization aspect of KTP will be, but i hope that the curent customization in the prototype will be expanded to not just vehicles. (Departement logo, moto, clothes…) Heres what i came up… When starting a new game, the player is shown a screen with a blank mannequine in the middle of a locker room. The player can put different types of clothing on the mannequine to create a uniform (Shirt / Jacket / Pants / Belt / Hat…) or he can use an already existing one. Some clothes could be put over/under others, decals could be placed just like the cars in the prototype. If your budget allowes you, armor could also be added to an uniform. An option can be added on different pieces of clothing to tell your officers what they must / Can’t or are allowed to wear. For example, the player may allowed their officers to wear ether a police hat, a baseball cap or no hats at all. But forbid them to wear shorts or combat boots, and they must wear long sleeves shirt, nothing else. You get the point, i hope. Different clothings types should be available for LEOs of different divitions ( SWAT, Highway patrol…) or ranks. Making uniforms should cost a bit of money to make, i donno how mutch tho… Got something else to add ? Put it in the comment. K bay.