Various proposals

2 years agoopen0

First of all, excuse my English. My mother tongue is Spanish, having said that I propose the following: -Creation at the beginning of the game of a logo / emblem of your police unit that can then choose where to place in the car. -The existence of having unlimited units is maintained. -Special events, such as a concert, a week of betting in the casino with the highest crime, etc. – Escort missions, for example, the mayor or the president visit the city and their units must avoid assassinations or riots. Their units will accompany the President’s convoy. -Terrorist attacks, car bombs, bombs in shopping malls, terrorists who use a knife against people, etc. -Special units: anti-drug unit, anti-terrorist unit, swat unit, etc. -A port. Where there is drug trafficking, conflicts, in. -An airport. Where there are attacks, conflicts, etc. Thank you very much for your time. I hope they are taken into account.