various suggestions

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Vehicle Variety:
Once SWAT has been implemented into the game, i would like to see the bearcat aswell as various SUV’s.

Pickup trucks, various law enforcement agencies atleast in the US, like my county have a pickup truck for various events such as
towing government stuff like boats, off-road events, etc.
Crown Vics, i know Crown vics have been majorly replaced by various chargers & SUVs. But what is a police game without the classics?

Bikes, judging by the ingame map and the ability to make patrol routes specifically for the city. it would be nice to have some bike patrols,
maybe as a unlock from the government once the population reaches a certain cap.
Logo/vehicle creation variety:
I know alot of stuff isn’t implemented yet so you guys can focus on bugs and what not. Which is understandable,
however the logos that are currently available could use a few additions aswell as some bug fixes.

911, alot of emergency vehicles have various decals such as 911 emergeny number and what not.

non-emergency number ####, some law enforcement agencies like the one near me, have a decal that shows a non-emergency number for people
to call.county/city name, This would be awesome to have as some counties in real life have the name of their department or just the classic POLICE
with their county/jurisdiction under the department name or POLICE.

Supervisor, I don’t expect this one to be added in untill promotions are implemented to the point of having realistic ranks to allow for certain
officers to have this. However this would be a great decal to add once the promotions are implemented.

K-9, i already saw somebody suggest something like this but it would still be nice to have a vehicle and a decal at the same time.officer management:
option to create divisions/branches such as a GTF (Gang Task Force) or a legitimate undercover branch

assign patrol routes/jurisdictions to various officers,