Welcome to Keep the Peace! This roadmap represents our current aspirations for the game, both in the short-term and the long-term. KTP is still early in its development and all features, plans, and schedules are subject to change, especially as we get more and more feedback from folks like you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit our forums and our official chat server, where you can share your ideas and chat with fellow fans and the KTP team!

In addition to this roadmap, members of KTP’s Alpha Team supporters club can also access our Production Schedule to see the specific features, improvements, and bug fixes we’re working on at any given moment, and exactly what is planned for upcoming releases.

Thank you for your support of Keep the Peace!

Phase I (Current)

V0.17 (May 2019) – Customization, Unit Management & UI Updates

  • New unit & officer management windows
  • Basic texture modding capabilities
  • UI-related performance optimizations

V0.18 (June 2019) – Hide & Seek

  • Assign units to search orders
  • Better info about escaped/non-visible suspects
  • Suspect hiding & detection
  • Improvements to redeployment system to better position units manually

V0.19 (July 2019) – Housekeeping

  • Bug fixes
  • Basic department finance / other reports

V0.20 (August 2019) – Hot Pursuit

  • New vehicle equipment to support pursuits
  • Vehicle pursuit tactics (e.g. roadblocks)
  • New, original civilian vehicles
  • New police vehicle
  • Basic vehicle damage and wrecks
  • AI tow trucks
  • Officer injuries

V0.21 (September 2019) – Conflict 1

  • Mediation & deescalation officer actions
  • Basic negotiation orders
  • Unarmed combat
  • AI ambulances & paramedics

V0.22 (October 2019) – Conflict 2

  • Officer equipment / loadouts
  • Armed combat

Phase II

  • Officer Development (e.g. training, experience, and promotions)
  • Expanded Patrol Mechanics
  • Dynamic Neighbourhoods
  • Community Relations
  • Basic Investigations

Phase III

  • Expanded Investigations
  • Missions
  • Government Relations
  • Policies & Programs

Phase IV

  • Complex Incidents
  • Complaints / Inquiries / Lawsuits
  • Political System
  • Initiatives

Unscheduled Major Features

The following are major groups of features that we hope to include in the future but that are currently not scheduled within the roadmap. This list is highly likely to change as time goes on as we re-evaluate our priorities based on testing and feedback from our Alpha Team community members.

  • Dynamic Cities
  • Progressive “Storytelling”
  • Variable Maps & Starting Conditions
  • Careers
  • Day / Night Cycle
  • Weather

Ongoing Efforts

The following are also planned for Keep the Peace but will be phased in gradually while working on other sets of features. Thus, these items don’t neatly fit into any one phase or release.

  • Save / Load System
  • Localization System & Translations
  • Ambient Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic
  • Vehicle Physics & Improved Pathfinding
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • New Content
    • Vehicles & equipment
    • Characters
    • Animations
    • Buildings, environment, etc.
    • Incident & investigation types
    • Maps

All features, plans, and schedules are subject to change!

Got questions? Visit our forums and our official chat server to share your ideas, speculate about future features, and converse with fellow fans and the KTP team.