You are the Chief of Police. Crime is out of control. The people don't trust you. The mayor is furious. Your officers are stressed, overworked, and underequipped. Do you have what it takes to keep the peace?

Keep the Peace is an in-depth law enforcement strategy video game under development for the PC (Windows/Mac).


You are the police. The city’s security is in your hands. Your decisions will determine whether people feel safe, or live in fear. Your decisions will control crime or let it run wild. Your decisions will mean life or death.

Build Your Force

Your officers are the backbone of your department. Decide who to hire based on dozens of skills and characteristics. Put your officers into units, customize their vehicles, and choose from a wide range of tools and weapons to equip your force. Then send them wherever you need them — assign your officers to patrols, investigations, or other specialized functions.

Respond to Dangerous Emergencies

Break-ins, bank robberies, shootings, high-speed pursuits, bomb scares, search & rescue, car accidents, natural disasters… With over 100 types of incidents and investigations, each with virtually infinite variations, you’ll have to be ready for anything.

Bring Offenders to Justice

You can’t catch every criminal at the scene. When perpetrators escape, bring in your detectives to track them down. They’ll interview witnesses, analyze forensics, conduct surveillance, and even go undercover. Suspects will get convicted, or walk free, based on your choices.

Experiment with Various Strategies

Balance your efforts between preventing crime, responding to crime, investigating crime, and otherwise serving the public. Target crime hotspots with detailed data about past crimes, and launch stings and crackdowns in high-crime areas. Set policies, training priorities, and rules of engagement to create whatever style of police force you desire.

Alpha Team

We need your help to make KTP into the best game it can possibly be.

Keep the Peace is an ambitious undertaking that started as the passion project of a single, independent developer. Now our small team needs your help to bring KTP to life, and we want to involve you as much as possible in the process of getting there.

Alpha Team is a program for enthusiastic supporters of Keep the Peace. Members share game ideas, discuss their feedback with the developers, playtest early versions of the game, and help financially support development costs with a small pledge. Various rewards will be available for members, including:

Playtest Prototype/Alpha Versions

Share feedback and guide development by playtesting early versions of the game way before its public release.

Access Exclusive Website Features

Read exclusive development updates, chat with the developers in private forums, make feature requests, and peek into our internal project management system.

Be Recognized

Get recognized for your support within the online KTP community and in-game.

Get Swag

Get free or discounted Keep the Peace merchandise such as t-shirts.

Change the Game

Have something special within the game named after you, or have a caricature of your face modelled within the game.

Alpha Team registration is CURRENTLY OPEN.

Get on the Radio

Join our community for free and get:

  • the latest news, screenshots, videos, and other media
  • announcements about playable prototype/alpha versions
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