You are the Chief of Police. Crime is out of control. The people don't trust you. The mayor is furious. Your officers are stressed, overworked, and underequipped. Do you have what it takes to keep the peace?

Keep the Peace is an in-depth law enforcement strategy video game under development for the PC. See below for screenshots, features, and the latest news.

Take Command

You are the police. The city's security is in your hands. Your decisions will determine whether people feel safe, or live in fear. Your decisions will control crime or let it run wild. Your decisions will mean life or death. Your time to lead is now.

Build Your Force

Your officers are the backbone of your department. Decide who to hire based on dozens of skills and characteristics. Put your officers into units, customize their vehicles, and choose from a wide range of tools and weapons to equip your force. Then send them wherever you need them -- assign your officers to patrols, investigations, or other specialized functions.

Respond to Dangerous Emergencies

Break-ins, bank robberies, shootings, high-speed pursuits, bomb scares, search & rescue, car accidents, natural disasters… With over 100 types of incidents and investigations, each with virtually infinite variations, you'll have to be ready for anything.

Choose Your Tactics

You decide how to approach each challenge. Will you negotiate with a hostage taker, or break down the door? Will you block a growing group of protesters, or let them march unimpeded? Will you send in overwhelming force, or a single undercover officer? Will you set up a roadblock to stop a pursuit, or back off and try to catch them later? Every situation is different, and every approach has its pros and cons based on your resources, your objectives, your opposition, the terrain, the weather, and many other factors.

Deal with the Consequences

The outcome of every incident and every investigation matters, as do the tactics you choose to achieve those outcomes. Catch a major criminal and crime rates may fall, which will change the type of incidents that occur in your city. Community safety and satisfaction will increase, making people more likely to cooperate with your officers. But… your tactics can also backfire. Ruthlessness and excessive force will erode community trust, and could lead to complaints, inquiries, and expensive lawsuits regarding the conduct of your officers.

Bring Offenders to Justice

You can't catch every criminal at the scene. When perpetrators escape, bring in your detectives to track them down. They'll interview witnesses, analyze forensics, conduct surveillance, and even go undercover. You'll decide when and how to execute risky search and arrest warrants, and will make difficult decisions about when to make an arrest, when to collect more evidence, and when to drop a case altogether. Suspects will get convicted, or walk free, based on your choices.

Level Up

Your officers gain experience from everything they do, allowing them to improve their skills, gain new abilities, and get promoted. But your officers are also at risk of injuries, stress, and low morale. Keep them healthy, happy and well trained, and they'll be ready for any challenge you send their way.

Experiment with Various Strategies

Balance your efforts between preventing crime, responding to crime, investigating crime, and otherwise serving the public. Target crime hotspots with detailed data about past crimes, and launch stings and crackdowns in high-crime areas. Set policies, training priorities, and rules of engagement to create whatever style of police force you desire.

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What's Special About Keep the Peace?

With your help, we can build Keep the Peace into the most exciting and authentic police strategy game ever made — ideal for fans of strategic and tactical simulations, management games, or the law enforcement genre.

Full Flexibility

Keep the Peace is a sandbox. Experiment with any law enforcement strategy or tactic you can think of. Pick your balance between preventing crime, responding to crimes, catching criminals, and serving the community. Implement large-scale community policing initiatives. Conduct targeted sting operations. Negotiate, or break down the door.

Endless Variation

There’s no such thing as a “routine” emergency. Every incident, every investigation, is unique and will require a thoughtful approach. Every situation presents you with different objectives, terrain, layouts, resources at your disposal, weather, visibility, etc.. Make the best plan possible with the information you have, but be prepared for it all to go sideways. Surprises are around every corner.

Multiple Environments

Rural towns with long stretches of highway. Large metropolises with densely packed high-rises. Busy university campuses. Keep the Peace will challenge you to adapt your strategies to a wide variety of map types and environments.

Intuitive UI

Keep the Peace will feature a smart, intuitive user interface (UI) that makes it easy to deliver complex orders to your units. Focus on perfecting your strategy, not struggling with the controls.

Realistic AI

Officers and other characters respond realistically to their surroundings. They’ll react on their own to danger, or to someone or something threatening their mission objectives. No need to micromanage their every move. Instead, just tell them what you want achieved, and they’ll find a way to get it done.

Meaningful Consequences

The mayor is disappointed with your performance and thinks you’re wasting money? Good luck getting more funding from City Hall. The people don’t trust you, and civilians are scared of your officers? Don’t expect witnesses to cooperate with your detectives, and you might have a riot on your hands if things get worse. Your department botched an investigation and let a serial killer go free? More murders are on the horizon. Everything you do in Keep the Peace can have dire consequences.

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