[Sticky] Welcome to Website Discussion -- Forum Rules & Guidelines  


Welcome to the Website Discussion forum! This forum is for discussing the playktp.com website and the Alpha Team program. Do you have suggestions for how we can make the site better, or have you run into a bug? Share your thoughts and we'll try to use your feedback to improve everyone's experience here within the KTP community!

As with all of our forums, a few simple - and hopefully obvious - rules will make this more productive and enjoyable for everyone:

1. Connect & Respect. This is a community and your purpose here should be to meet and connect with other humans. Listen to others first, and they will listen to you after. Respect others first and they will respect you after. If you find yourself uninterested in what other people are saying, or frustrated that you personally aren't getting attention, you might be in the wrong place. If you find yourself just trying to provoke a response out of other people, take a hike.

2. Be a Good Human. We all get angry, frustrated, bored, insincere and upset from time to time. Sometimes we just can't help it. But we can always try for better. Our goal should always be mature, productive, constructive dialog. If we find ourselves temporarily unable to contribute positively to that, we should walk away until we can.

3. Stay On-Topic. This is a server about a game. Let's discuss the game. There are better places to discuss other things. In particular, there are many important discussions that need to be had, and that should be had, about real-world law enforcement and real-world interactions between the police and their communities. Those discussions deserve a better forum than this. And better forums exist. So save them for there, because they can't be entertained here. If you want to ask about, or discuss, how the game might handle some of those issues -- that's okay. But because these topics can be sensitive, and because we're all keeping Rule #1 and Rule #2 in mind, please do your absolute best to ask and answer those questions in a sincere, mature, open-minded and respectful fashion.

4. No spam, and nothing not safe for work.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure!

Posted: 16/10/2018 11:49 am.
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