Chain of Command, etc. (Freeplay and campaign)

3 years agoopen0

Those police officers in a position or higher ones where they can command an officer or group of officers can also make decisions to handle cases by themselves where for example these ai’s can choose their method or strategy to handle the crime like negotiations, perimeter positioning and how many officers they need (where they should send a notification to your HQ requesting a number of officers) and type of officers they need (swat, highway police, military, etc.) Depending on case level. Yeah you should also put case difficulty if easy, normal, hard (code red, code blue, code 1, 10-4)

and some cutscenes probably in campaigns for cases.

And officers who abuses power, double agents, or works/do favors/trades info for the mafia, syndicate, bad people. (there should be a notification of detectives having hunch that a certain police officer is fishy or suspicious)