Crime system

3 years agoopen4

I’ve discussed this on the Discord.
In the very first trailer of KTP there’s an option to view the crime rate and how bad it is in certain areas. I think we can go deeper.

First, the player may not know WHAT type of crimes are occurring in this area/building, they will have to send officers to patrol, make arrests, do some community policing, send detectives to investigate or set up CCTV (or any other means).

After some time the player will receive extra information about the type of crime occurring there by reports to his desk or icons above the area / building affected by crime. When clicking the reports/Icons, discovered information will be displayed. However, some info may still be hidden, and may take more time and effort to discover.

The player will also see different colors depending on the severity of the crime :
Gray = undiscovered I Red = Serious I Yellow = Felonys I Blue = Misderminors
These colors could change, disappear or grow depending on the player’s actions, or other reasons

The player may have different options on how to deal with these issues. Sometimes a simple arrest will do, but others are more complex, you may need to send detectives to look for drug dens and send in the SWAT when discovered.
any other crime prevention activity can also help.

The city and the people will react to crime.
If a neighborhood is badly affected by crimes, then even the player may see or hear it. Abandoned buildings, metal bars on store fronts, graffitis, burned cars… The citizens and the mayor will be angry if no actions are taken. On the contrary, if crime is low, then the streets will be normal and clean and everyone will be happy.

Public and City relations can change depending on how you tackle crime. Taking a criminal off the streets using brute force may not sit well with some people.

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